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Excellent resource! They provide practical, useful advice that is realistic. They are teachers who have "been there," since they suffer from anxiety themselves. I'm glad I found this show!

Love this podcast

Great show... Really enjoyed the information provided... Love the tips provide. Thanks for putting this show together. Keep it going

Great Tips for the Millions Who Suffer

Great tips. So important as so many suffer from anxiety today! Great conversational style that provides information and strategies to remove stress without stress.

Truth and Clarity about Anxiety

Thanks Fellas--- I appreciate the easy going Midwestern and Southern energy you both have to share!

Love it

Love listening to these guys. In the short time I have been listening I can already see myself changing the way I think and react to anxiety. So thankful I found this podcast

These guys rock!

I just started listening a few weeks ago and can already see a dramatic improvement in my overall metal and physical well being. The style of the show is so laid back yet extremely informative, and unassuming. Kevin and Brian's down to earth nature is very comforting as well. I appreciate the fact that they too can personally relate to the struggles of anxiety and they are very genuine. Not to mention -they seek out what listeners what to know and provide invaluable information on a variety of topics- to supporters of the show. Thank you so much for all you have done and all you are doing! You are helping so many!

Excellent podcast!

So happy I found this podcast, the content is excellent and I love the format. I appreciate the work you guys do. There are so many silent sufferers who may not get this information otherwise. It doesn't replace medical help, counseling, etc., but it's an excellent supplement.

Wonderful podcast!

The guys really know what they're talking about! So helpful with dealing with anxiety.

Thank you

I've listened to all the available podcasts and began putting their ideas into practice. I've suffered from agoraphobia for 12+ years. In short, today has been the best day I've had in a long time.

The Perfect Prescription for the Anxiety Sufferer!

Brian Sellers and Kevin Davis' Anxiety Coaches Podcast is the perfect prescription for the anxiety sufferer. They discuss all aspects of anxiety and panic attacks, plus more. If you suffer from anxiety, they will unravel all the unsettling aspects of the disorder as well as give you tricks and tips on how to alleviate the physical and mental process of anxiety. You will come away with a renewed sense of understanding and healing, and at the same time, you will know you are not alone! Also it's free and you can take it anywhere!

So helpful! Such important info!

Thanks for this wonderful podcast! Great info and great tools!

Thank you

Thank you for sharing your insight and experiences with the world. Your honest and practical approaches make these episodes super helpful on the day to day anxiety management some of us must go through ... I refer to this podcast quite often and always find it so relieving to not only have a podcast that understands but also knowing it doesn't have to be a lonely ride rather a supportive one . Thanks again!!

Awesome show, helps more than therapy!

My therapist recommended listening to this podcast and honestly, it has helped far more than she has so far. I love the lean toward dealing with this issue without medication. The hosts are great and I love that tips and tricks are given to sum up what is discussed. The tips help to apply things to real life. Don't change a thing! Except maybe do a show everyday instead of twice a week! :)

Very helpful and relevant guidance

It is said that the truth shall set you free. The truth, sincerety, and advice of the hosts along with their clear understanding of anxiety derived from the school of hard knocks shines through in each episode. The podcast came at a fortunate time for me as I was going through some very stressful prolonged changes in my life that had recently resulted in physical anxiety symptoms. The podcast hit the nail on the head for my situation and that validation and advice has contributed greatly in my quest for a complete recovery. I am doing much better now thanks in part to the ideas discussed on the podcast and it is as if I have been set free to get my life back on track. Thanks Brian and Kevin.

Good on topics, sometimes lacks content

Recently got into this show and do appreciate it, just wish more actual specifics/details would be given on actually dealie with high anxiety situations. Two examples were the elevator scenario and the episode on meditating. In the first one, I don't recall any actual recommendations on what to specifically do IN the elevator. For the latter, meditation was discussed, but nothing beyond "breathing deeply for 10seconds", seemed to give insight to anyone who doesn't already meditate. I do enjoy the show, just wish more real life examples and specific techniques would be given. Thanks.

Great resource

I have people in my family and in my circle of friends who suffer from anxiety and I’ll definitely start sharing this podcast with them. Thank you for talking about this important topic in such an open way.

Such a needed topic

I am so happy that I was led over to iTunes to listen to this podcast. As a public speaker I hear and see the fear taking over people of all ages and experices. Just the thought of getting up in front of the room is enough to cause anxiety in so many people and am often asked how to deal with the fear and panic. I love how Brian and Kevin handle this and other fears. GREAT JOB!

Helping so many people out there!

Hey guys, I am always reading self help books and trying to improve myself and help others. This has great tips, ideas, and ways to both cope with the not so good things that happen, and to help friends and family as well. THANK YOU for doing this guys!

Thank you

I just wanted to thank these guys. They are helping me to get over my anxiety disorder.

Mind Blown

I've recently been struck with a rash of anxitey. While trying to get schedule an appointment to see someone I found The Anxiety Coaches while looking through podcasts. What a huge help they have been in a time where I've been feeling trapped and slightly "crazy". What they say makes perfect sense and has been huge for me and blew my mind! Not to mention they both have lovely voices. Please keep this podcast going. It really has been a helping hand for me.

Brian and Kevin Rock!

This podcast is real, relevant and inspiring. The conversations are great and the honesty is refreshing! Great podcast! Omar Zenhom, The $100 MBA Podcast

this is SO needed.

i am really glad there’s a podcast out there about this. brian and kevin are compassionate and share a ton.

good information

I don’t suffer from anxiety but have a few friends and family members who do. I have recommended this podcast to them. Keep up the good work.

Wonderful show

I always appreciate enjoyable honest and educational talk about mental health.

Great positive information!

I think this podcast has very good banter to go along with the great advice given! Keep up the great work! Joe Pardo Dreamers Podcast

Great Help

Really breaks things down that should be so obvious. Allows you to get outside of yourself by listening in and not being the one directly talked about. Great job. This show will help many people.

Good Stuff!

Even if you don’t think you have a “problem” with anxiety, we are all anxious from time to time. This is a great show for learning different ways to deal with the issues that we all have to face in a healthy manner.

Don't Panic It's a Good Podcast

I could have used Episode 18 a few years back while driving on a freeway in L.A. and a panic attack hit. Good show, guys. Keep up the good work and I'm sure you'll help a lot of people.

So Thankful to Have Found this Podcast

One anxiety-ridden evening, I was looking through the podcast list in an attempt to distract myself and came across this one. After listening to one episode, I felt that these two knew exactly how I was feeling. They were able to describe what makes anxiety and panic so frustrating, and have offered a ray of hope in what can be a very draining disorder. In fact, the episode where they talk about not taking medications and what happened to Kevin after taking a small dose of Xanax in preparation for flying… EXACT same thing happened to me! Now I know that my brain is hyper vigilant, and that any change is a trigger for panic. To be able to listen to these rational podcasts in moments of great anxiety is such a help. It’s heartening to know that you’re not alone, that others suffer similarly, and that there is hope to overcome and manage anxiety and panic. Thanks to Brian and Kevin for putting themselves out there.

Love the content!

Thanks for the show guys! Such an important subject as anxiety is typically present at some degree or another in all of our lives. Thanks for the wisdom!