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Thank you

Aside from prayer your content has helped me and it continues to help me in my darkest moments. Whenever I need to feel centered and back to myself I come here and listen.

Four Words

You’re a Life Saver!

Thank you Gina

I learn so must Gina is a great teacher.

My favorite self help.

At the beginning of 2021 I was diagnosed with a thyroid disorder. My mental health plummeted. I try out different podcast weekly to see what resonated with me the most. Some others are helpful for the day, but this is the one I always come back to. I relisten to episodes, scroll down the list and save episodes I think I need to hear. It’s always helpful on my tough days. I’m a lot further than I was last year and I am so grateful for this podcast for helping me!


Love your podcast!!! So so soothing and wonderful to listen to! ♥️

Excellent podcast

I absolutely love this podcast. It’s helped me so much and continues to help me daily! I listen to an episode everyday on my way to work.

A Must

Thank you for doing this. You are helping so many.

Amazing podcast

This is one of the best podcasts I’ve found that reaches to the core of my anxiety issues. Thank you for the calming voice, the amazing advice, and wide variety of topics. It’s my go to podcast every morning to start my day out calm and ready to face the world.

Absolutely a lifeline

Wonderful podcast and it’s absolutely in line with the professional counseling treatment I’ve gotten about anxiety. Though a podcast should NEVER replace professional help, this podcast is most definitely a great tool!!!

Been listening since 2016

Hello Gina! I’ve been listening to you guys since 2016. I remember the transition from different hosts and then it was narrowed down to you. I am so grateful that you e been able to come up with with soooo many different topics throughout all these years. I may just sign up to be able to listen to the back catalogue just to remember where I was and where I am now. You have helped me be the voice I needed as guidance that I didn’t have around me, positive, patient and soothing. You have helped me get through my mid-twenties and now early thirties and I know you will help me get through the next decade. Thank you, thank you. Much love!

Amazing resource

I love this podcast so much. I feel so happy to have found it. It’s feels like a free weekly “therapy” session and I am considering joining her other paid group with coaching. I am also looking forward to supporting the companies that sponsor the show in order to “pay it back” - the sponsored content seems like they are truly good, high quality companies, unlike some who will endorse any company that pays them. I will be a listener forever… so many a-ha moments listening to this podcast!


This podcast has help me so much. Gina has a soothing voice and the topics are great. Please keep it up.

Awesome podcast!

Gina, host of the Anxiety Coaches podcast, highlights all aspects of mental health and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Helpful Tips

I really enjoy this podcast and have sent many of my clients and listeners here for tips to work through anxiety. Dr. John - The Men’s Self-Help Podcast

My Saving Grace

I’ve always been an anxious person, but never expected I would suddenly be dealing with rolling panic attacks. Even with CBT and talk therapy, eating right, sleeping well and exercising every day...this podcast is saving my life. You’ve just validated everything I have been experiencing physically during panic (I did think I had heart problems and ended up in the ER last week) and reassured me that I am not alone in this, that I am not crazy and most importantly that I can clear this. Thank you Gina, you are literally saving my life.

Great show!

So much value :) have been listening for over a year and loving it 🔥

Helping me in leaps and bounds

Thank you I feel it would help me to take this further I would love to go one on one you’re podcasts are helping me soooooo much 🙏 thank you ❤️

Great podcast but wish commercials were shorter

Lengthy commercials detract from an otherwise helpful podcast.

Most helpful podcast I’ve encountered

This podcast has helped more than any other resource I’ve encountered. So thankful for the producer. Thank you thank you thank you!!

Helpful with a calming voice

During the pandemic I was struggling coping with how I was feeling since I work in a hospital on the frontlines. Gina’s voices are calming and her strategies are easy to do and to remember. Just listen to 1 podcast & you’ll want to return anytime you’re feeling off.

Relaxing & Helpful

I’m so glad I found this podcast. I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious and found this podcast to help me finish my work day. Such a soothing and relaxing voice too!


You really helped me this morning at 4:30 fall back asleep and get the rest I needed

Thank you

I am glad I stumbled upon you I have battled anxiety since I have been a child . I have had many hospital stays for it two nervous breakdowns you have a great podcast very helpful I look forward to these every week Cynthia

Such a helpful resource for anxiety!

Gina is so knowledgeable about the topic of anxiety - I love how she shares countless advice on how to tackle anxiety. I also love the calming soothing tone she sets for the pod. I’m thankful for this pod!


This podcast help me when I was struggling to understand what anxiety was .. every question I wanted to know was answered just by listening every symptom etc. this podcast saved me from Depression and fear. Thank you so much


So soothing and calming to listen to.


I love this podcast I has helped my so much I have terrible depression and anxiety and her voice is so soothing and it calms me down so much and her words are so impactful and meaningful 🖤🖤🖤

Therapy in 20 minutes

Wow! Her words are extremely impactful. It literally feels like a therapy session in twenty minutes. Truly appreciate her desire to help others live their best and mentally healthiest lives.

Thank you for this podcast.

I have been in such a heightened state of anxiety the past 2 weeks. I have had anxiety in the past, but this has been different. Unsure where to go, I found this podcast! I have listened to only 3 episodes and it has already helped me more than I could have ever imagined. Thank you thank you! ❤️

Love this!

I’ve never been one to listen to Podcasts, but after some research i found this one! Gina’s voice is so calming! It’s helped me in a lot of ways. If I begin to catch myself overthinking or reacting to anxiety I play a podcast and then take what she says. Very helpful! I’ve only been listening for about a week but I’m glad I started!

So calming

I am new to this podcast and it is awesome, maybe my favorite of all time. Her voice is soothing (like your pre-school teacher when u were a kid) and they are short in length, which gives you something to chew on without getting into a lengthy diatribe that loses the message. So listen in and enjoy.


Gina’s voice is soothing and she teallly describes anxiety as something tangible to work with. She’s helped me define and separate my anxiety and I always look forward to new episodes but I do wish the content was more varied and more targeted to nuanced things that exist with/alongside anxiety such as co morbidities, or OCD, or GAD, or BDD.


I miss you Gina!! When will a new podcast come out ??

It can help

This podcast was (and still is) a good resource for me as i try to find my way out of anxiety and panic. Thank you Gina and ACP!

Amazing Coach

I have been struggling with anxiety for more than a year. All this time I have been learning about it as much as I could. I have taken several online courses and have been working with a psychotherapist who personally recovered from an anxiety disorder. But Gina is the best! She knows so much that I always look for answers to my questions in her podcasts first. I am thinking about joying her recovery group as I believe it will speed up my recovery. Thank you, Gina! You are amazing!

Changed my Life

I've been in an anxious spiral for two weeks. I found this podcast 'on accident' but now I'm believing it found me at the perfect time. This podcast is so specific to things I've wanted to focus on and I'm thrilled. Her soothing voice and to-the-point episodes hold my attention and make me want to listen to every single episode! Please keep these up, they are definitely helping so many people. Thank you!!!

An Anxiety Lifeline

This podcast means so much to me. It’s been such a lifeline during tough anxiety times. Gina is so thoughtful with her words, genuine and positive. I’ve listened to her floating meditation countless times during flights and other anxiety filled situations. Thank you Gina for giving us such a gift.

The darkness of anxiety and grief

Thank you! I have always been the friend that makes people laugh.... until I lost my mother. Anxiety was so dark and unrelenting. I’d love to be a guest on your show and share how I win my battle every day.

Favorite anxiety podcast

This podcast has changed my life. I’ve struggled with anxiety/panic disorder and health anxiety and this is just such a great relief. Gina is great!


Thank you Gina for acknowledging the normalcy of anxiety and providing helpful insights into how to accept and deal with it. I myself struggle with anxiety and am so grateful for you and this podcast!!!! Thank you!!!

That voice!

WONDERFUL! So helpful & insightful. So well-said. And... that voice! We love you!

Very calming. Great for Anxiety and panic attacks

This is very helpful for my Anxiety. I listened to my first episode and just hearing her voice I knew this would calm me down. Keep up the good work 👍

Thank you!

This podcast is life changing! I have struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for the last 8 months, since an injury. It has been a tough journey. This is the best resource I have found:). Gina you are a blessing:). Please keep doing what you’re are helping SO many people. I am very thankful! Amanda

Life saver!

I’ve battled anxiety all my life but it became a lot more “often” and regular the last 10 years or so balancing life with kids, marriage, work, finances, etc. I would have good weeks and bad weeks but never really got to the root of the problem and didn’t have all the necessary tools to help me through my anxiety spells. My best friend who’s a family therapist recommenced this podcast and it’s changed my life! I listen to a couple episodes a day and share the podcast with everyone I come across ! It’s helped me tremendously! I can’t wait to dive deeper into the episodes and get more information about this podcast, to possibly get more involved in all it has to offer! Thank You Gina for your wisdom, advice, soothing voice and for being so relatable! I wish I could give you a hug for everything you’ve already helped me with!

AmwAts helpful, no judgement

I really enjoy this podcast, promotes calm. This podcast offers real and practical advice on how to manage anxiety and beyond. No judgement here, nothing that feels impossible to do. Just calm clear advice without digging into details that may hinder progress. Great!

Thank you, Gina!

These podcasts have helped me more than my therapist could. She really understands and explains the ins and outs of anxiety better than anyone I have encountered. Whenever I’m on the verge of panic, I listen to her podcast, do some deep breathing and it helps me put things back into perspective. I am so grateful that now I can actually understand my panic instead of being so afraid of it all the time and feeling like a freak.

So helpful

I was stressing myself out and stumbled across this podcast.. 2 episodes in and WOW, words cannot describe how amazing and calm I feel. 😭 thank you!


Detailed and helpful content.

SO good!!

Gina has really changed my life. I was having a lot of severe panics on my drive to work in the mornings and stumbled upon this podcast looking for something to calm me down. I’ve learned so much and find myself researching the things she discusses leading me further away from my “monkey mind” and into a state of true mindfulness instead! Beautiful and peaceful words wrapped in love. Thank you Gina!! 💗

Gina’s voice

Gina’s voice can calm me down. I relate to her so much. Thank You

Literally life changing

This podcast is perfect when you’re having anxiety, I was experiencing major test anxiety and Gina helped me calm down and snap back to reality.

Thank you

This podcast puts me at ease. Any moment I can feel myself getting overwhelmed and on the verge of panic the calming sound of her voice and her encouragement talks me back down to Earth. I can’t even express how thankful I am for the episodes and the easy access I have to them at the palm of my hand especially when I’m on the verge of losing it. You help me reach outside something I can feel is bigger than myself and take back control again. THANK YOU ❤️❤️🙏🏼

Life Changing

I can’t begin to explain how much this beautiful podcast has helped me. My life long social anxiety jumped to panic attacks & such a high level of anxiety that it left me feeling scared & broken. Gina’s truly a gift to the world with her guidance & wisdom that speaks right to my soul. I follow her counsel & have also made meditation a daily practice. I’m still working day by day but this podcast is a huge part of my healing & wellness. I can’t thank her enough!!

Truly Helpful

I am currently struggling with anxiety and panic. I had no resources to get help, a friend recommended this podcast, and it has helped me soooo much! It helped me realize my thoughts, and how I can change them to respond, instead of react. Just by using some of the simple tools she talks about, I have been able to “ride the wave” and find courage to keep going.


Excellent podcast . Very helpful and calming . Best anxiety related podcast I have found by far


I really have felt much better after starting listening to your podcasts! Thank you! I may join your group some time too as I’m not to where I should be. I think one of the things that helps me the most is not feeling alone in this struggle. My personality makes me think u should be able to “get over” this without help. “Be strong you worrier” Is in my head. So thank you for hitting the nail on the head with many of your podcasts and helping me lessen that anxious feeling.


I’m so thankful to have found this podcast. It helps me in so many ways. To know that anxiety does not have to control me any longer has been a gift I never thought I could accept.

Great podcast

Great podcast

Great action steps

This podcast has great ideas of how to try moving through anxiety and PTSD. I have found this podcast very helpful. I enjoy how Gina covers an array of issues and topics related and about anxiety and positive mental health.

Less worried about my life

I love the tactical, honest and real rawness Gina delivers in this podcast. I hit subscribe and definitely can’t wait for the next show!!!

Knowledge is definitely key

After only the first episode my eyes were opened. From how to break bad habits to panic relief. 100% recommend to not just anxiety sufferers but anyone. As you listen, it’s incredible how much you relate to every little detail. I’m happy I’ve found someone who’s knows what I’m going through & how to regain my life. Never give up hope! - Our sensitively only shows the tremendous love we have. I also recommend reading “Life Unlocked” by Srinivasan S. Pillay as it brings awareness to how our mind works, which is the first step to start healing.

Very Helpful

I found this podcast in Summer of 2018 after an accidental health diagnosis had my anxiety spiraling out of control. Gina’s topics, voice and her tone truly helped calm the chaos that I thought was surrounding me. I don’t know how well I would have made it through last summer without her and am so thankful I found her when I searched for help. I don’t struggle as much with anxiety, but I do still come back on days that aren’t as easy. Thank you for all you do, Gina!

Thank you

I have no idea where to start. I cannot believe I haven’t found this channel sooner. Thank you so much for helping. I have been taking notes all day in my notebook. I don’t know you and I feel like I do! Please share more stories of other listeners whom have recovered from just listening to your channel! Thank you again. 💜

Best Podcast

This podcast has helped me out so much since I started listening about 2 months ago. Thank you so much Gina. With your help I have been able to make a lot of progress.

So helpful

A great resource of quick and helpful episodes. I listen to them when I’m feeling especially anxious or mid panic attack - she has a reassuring voice and message that helps bring you back down.

Definitely helped me

The host’s voice is very soothing. I am currently dealing with a bout of anxiety and depression and the encouragement I get from this podcast is immense. It has helped me out of my head at times and given me some mantras to repeat when I am feeling sunken.


This podcast is very relevant. It’s to the point, yet she covers the topic enough in depth. The only down point is in the newer episodes there is too much advertising (with awkward lead-ins and name dropping) and promotion of coaching opportunities. I realize she needs to make money, but proportionate to the length of the podcast, it’s just too much time.

So helpful

First off your voice is soothing. You are so easy to listen to. Everything was explained well and thoroughly. No Google searches were need with your choice of vocabulary. Thank you so much.


This podcast always surprises me. Thank you for sharing your gifts, my day kicks off better when I listen to you.


This podcast has helped me tremendously

Great resource!

I love this podcast because Gina is a great resource. Every episode helps me on my journey through anxiety. Gina’s voice soothes my anxiety. If you have anxiety, this is the podcast for you.

Incredibly Helpful

Gina’s advice, education, and suggestions are changing my life! I’ve always had anxiety but lately have been in a terrible depressive episode. This podcast coupled with therapy has been the most helpful thing I’ve ever done to address my anxiety and depression. I listen to 2-3 episodes a day. It’s the best!

Thank You

I have recently been struggling with the first feelings of anxiety, intrusive thoughts, and panic attacks. This podcast truly brought me to tears because I felt like Gina was talking directly to me. Everything was so relatable it really moved me and made me feel normal, okay, and understood. Thank you for sharing, it truly helped me in many ways.

So helpful!

I fell ill and ended up in the hospital after blacking out behind the wheel. Since then, I've had so many issues that I didn't know what it was. I stumbled across the podcast just researching and it is 100% what I have been dealing with since I became ill. It has been so helpful to find information and a way to relieve the feelings I have. Thank you so much for all your time and expertise.

Excellent podcast

Simple to do solutions to anxiety that really work! No jargon, Gina decodes it all and is an excellent teacher.

Thank you Ms. Ryan

Thank you for hosting this wonderful podcast. The podcast gives lots of useful advise.

Highly recommended

Great show with relevant topics! Great realistic strategies.

Thank you so much!

Wow, just wow. I was having a fairly difficult night and stumbled upon this podcast. I’m already feeling better and have learned some useful tips. Would definitely recommend to anyone who thinks they might need something like this!

Thank you!!

Thank you so much.. this is helping me get a hold of my anxiety. Thank you

My Daily Ritual!

I stumbled upon this podcast after an episode of anxiety/panic in my life that left me searching for answers - why me? Why can’t I be “normal?” How do I tackle this? I now listen to episodes on my way to and home from work - it’s a great way to start the day and a great way to decompress after work. I’ve learned a lot of tools and exercises to help manage my anxiety (I personally suffer from what is more like acute anxiety/panic than generalized anxiety disorder). Even if the topic doesn’t necessarily apply to me and my personal battle with anxiety, I still learn something. And Gina’s voice is so calming! I definitely recommend this podcast to anyone who is searching for some relief and education on anxiety/panic.

Saved me!

This podcast changed my life! If I would have read this review a year ago I wouldn’t believe it. Gina had anxiety-panic herself so she explains things in such a related way. There is an episode on just about anything!! Listen to a few before you move on, though after you don’t I guarantee you won’t!

A Godsend for Anxiety Sufferers

Gina's podcast is the single best resource I've found to understand and soothe my anxiety/panic. Her voice can calm me down when nothing else can. I'm deeply grateful for this wonderful series and the healing it promotes.

Awesome show, highly recommend!

Gina and her guests provide some incredibly actionable and compelling content on how to live a happier, more well-rounded life. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to The Anxiety Coaches Podcast if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to improve emotional resilience (and live your best life as a result)!

Great job

I love the content of the podcast. Very relevant topics. Keep it up.

Wow, just wow.

I didn’t want the first episode I listened to, to end. Felt like all the burdens (almost all) were lifted. Thank you!

Helpful and informative

This is a wonderful podcast that is not only informative, helpful but also so encouraging to those who suffer from anxiety and other related issues. I love listening to this almost every day!

Immensely helpful and personal

Gina speaks from the heart with a wealth of personal experience and knowledge. When I listen, it feels like she is speaking directly to me, my symptoms and lifelong experience with anxiety. So grateful to have this as a resource. Thanks Gina! ❤️

Exactly what I need right now

I listen to an episode on my morning commute and then another on my ride home. I’ve learned so much from just these free podcasts that has helped me manage my anxiety more than I thought possible. Gina is a wonderful teacher and she helps to make you feel like you aren’t alone in this journey. My hope is that one day soon I can get to where I want to be but until then I will continue to listen to these every single day. If you struggle with anxiety I highly recommend Gina as a coach!

Great podcast

I love your calming voice Gina! Also your advice has helped me in my recovery!! Thanks for your help!!

Start here End here

Gina’s voice is enough to help but also the techniques and tools they apply here on the podcast helped give me my life back.

Wonderful podcast!

This podcast has made a difference in how I deal with my anxiety.

Solid Podcast

Wow - why had I never thought to listen to podcasts about anxiety before? This show has great advice. I don't always care for the "spirituality" aspect.

Instant Review! I am so thankful

Thank you Gina Ryan for giving me a refuge of peace at one of the most difficult times of my life. Your words and your voice sooth me and help me turn around my thoughts and see them through a telescope instead of a microscope. Thank you for reminding me that it will pass. It's just life. You are an angel.

Invaluable help

The sheer amount of free quality information given here is pretty amazing, simply listening through the episodes is great way to learn the abc's of anxiety management.

Thank you for this!

The podcast has just blessed me so much. I can sleep better at night. It helps me in my daily life.


thanks for this podcast. it's been so helpful and encouraging

Thank you Gina

Your podcast helped me so so much. Your voice is so soothing, just listening to your voice calms me. I learned so much from you. Thank you for all the tips and reminders. All the best.

Healing podcast GREAT Listen

I've been listening to ACP in a high stress Mental Health clinic and its very helpful. I am continuously learning from this podcast and healing my depression and ptsd. I am leanring to breakthrough fears. I am grateful I came across this podcast. Keep it coming.

Gina Ryan is Amazing

As an anxiety sufferer, this podcast has been essential in my recovery. Thank you Gina!

Very helpful podcast

I discovered this podcast a couple weeks ago, as I've been experiencing daily anxiety issues since my thyroid have been acting up. There is not a day that I don't listen to 2-3 podcasts in a row. Very soothing voice with always the right answers when I need them!

Great reminders!

I listen to this often. Some of the very first episodes are very good as well and I have started over from the beginning listening while in Christmas break. It is good to hear the same advice given over and over. For someone who is anxious, this same advice is needed before it will stick. Face, accept, float, let time pass, exercise, eat healthy, get enough sleep, etc. Thank you for what you do!

Grateful for this podcast

This podcast has helped me overcome anxiety and love life again. Gina never ceases to amaze me with her knowledge and and her talent for teaching about many topics to help understand anxiety and heal. Gina's coaching is also a wonderful resource. Thank you for all you do to reach so many people. This podcast is a valuable resource.

Has helped me more than therapy

It has literally saved my life. I feel like there's finally hope and it speaks to my soul. My anxiety is getting better little by little every day.

PTSD not so tough

I've always felt that PTSD was a bigger shade of anxiety, almost unconquerable because it wasn't just anxiety it's PTSD (notice the capitalization). Still, I loved running into this podcast because it is so real. They don't make PTSD a little issue but they do reveal it for what it is... Beatable. Thank you guys for what you do! Healing one day at a time! God bless you guys!

Heal from Anxiety

This podcast is very helpful in healing from anxiety. Gina does a fantastic job and is dedicated to helping people overcome anxiety.

A Friend Everyday

Anxiety Coaches with Gina Ryan has been a blessing. I listen and relisten to the podcasts everyday on my drive to work. I find it puts me in a state of positive mindfulness and gets me ready for the day. It's like having a friend that talks, reassures me and holds my hand when I need it and turning to the podcast helps me in moments of need. The topics that really hit home also tells me I am not alone which is important when you feel you are alone. Thank you Gina... please keep up the great work. You are helping so many people with anxiety. Its got to be a reflection of the wonderful and emphathetic person you are. :) Aloha...

Amazing Support

This podcast is amazing and has really helped in my healing process. The discussions and tips are extremely useful and I find that many relate to what I am experiencing. This is a great supplement any work you may be doing as an individual or with a therapist. I HIGHLY recommend this podcast.

Incredible podcast!!

I just came across this podcast and now can't stop listening to it. If you have anxiety, this podcast is a game changer. Great tips and solutions to help. Definitely check it out if you suffer from anxiety.

Gina is a lifesaver

Anxiety is a miserable experience. This podcast is not an overnight fix. But, for me, in the weeks I have been listening, it has really helped me zero in on a significant causal variable in my own experience of anxiety: blood sugar. It's not like the thought never occurred to me before. I've even changed my diet to try to manage it (my CBT book recommends this, too). But as I didn't understand my condition, I was lax about caffeine, and some other things. Gina's episode on 'blood sugar crashes' (ep. 218) was a game changer. I'll be taking this dietary aspect much more seriously now. The great thing about this podcast is the wide net it casts, and how you can realize that you're not the only one feeling the way you do.

Thank you

This podcast has helped me for the past year with my anxiety. I suffer from health anxiety and have panic attacks almost every night. After listening to these podcast, I am almost 100% anxiety free!

Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul

Gina is so soothing in her approach and tone. Her personal struggles and victories over anxiety and emotions lend incredible authenticity and validity to her coaching and solutions.

love this podcast!

Love this! What a breath of fresh air to hear a podcast devoted to healing the energy behind anxiety and panic. Every time I listen it keeps getting better and better! Thank you Gina!

Like a lifeline

Until I can get into the care of a therapist, this podcast is helping me out tremendously. I wish it were ad free, but we can't have everything for free. :) Perhaps the intros could be shorter. I'm often listening to this when I'm trying to turn around my anxiety, so that gets to be cumbersome. Those are my only criticisms. This show is great quality and Gina's voice is calming.

Thank you

It really makes a difference listening to people who have had anxiety in the past that can share their past experiences and subsequent road to recovery.

Anxiety Coaches Podcast is a life saver!

This podcast has been instrumental to my healing from anxiety. Nearly every episode addresses a topic I need to focus upon, and I've gotten so many sturdy tools to help me manage my anxiety from this podcast and from the community. If you or someone you love suffers from anxiety, do yourself a favor and subscribe!

Thank you!

This podcast has help me out many days. There's something here for anyone suffering from some type of mental health.

Great clarifying podcasts

Coach Gina is very clear in her explanations, examples, and suggestions on how to manage anxiety. Thank you for helping.

My Favorite Podcast!

If you suffer from panic/PTSD/anxiety, I promise, you won't regret taking the time to listen to this podcast. You'll learn a great deal. I love this podcast! It has helped me understand myself more and to take control where I once believed I had none.

Simply put the best podcast ever

This podcast is amazing, the tools given on this podcast have help though my anxiety recovery in more ways then I could have ever imagined. Gina is going to change the world with her knowledge ;)

Great podcast

I love this podcast. Simply put, I've tried some of your technique and I've been able to shut a panic attack down immediately. I do miss Brian sellers. Mrs. Walker has a much welcoming voice though. Keep up the good work guys.

Thank you!

Ive just recently listened to your cast on the Bach flowers and aromatherapy. Very helpful. I love your podcast , please keep putting new info out there!

Loving the new host Gina

I have listened for a few years and found this to be very helpful with great tips on reducing anxiety. We have been through some different hosts which can be anxiety ridden! However, I really enjoy Gina's gentle and supportive voice and to mention her episodes to combat anxiety with the aide of essential oils, Meditation and so on.

So helpful!

I am new to the podcast and I just love it. I struggle with different issues day to day and I always look for the right podcast for me and it helps so much.

Anxiety Coaches Podcast = Awesome!

I love this podcast. It is extremely helpful for people with anxiety.

Life saver!

This podcast is just simply amazing for anyone suffering from any type of anxiety <3

Awesome help regardless of where you are in your journey with anxiety

I really love Gina's episodes. I feel that her experience with anxiety is very similar to mine and her approach to managing anxiety is also similar. I've listened for awhile now but I never felt a strong connection to kelly, when she was on here and Kevin's stories. While I find their episodes helpful, Gina is really the star on here for me.

Feeling so much better after just one episode

I've been dealing on and off with intrusive thoughts/pure o for about a year now! I've seen a therapist, read books, etc..but this is my first time going to a podcast. To actually hear people that can relate to exactly how I'm thinking is so reassuring. Can't wait to hear more!

phenomenal help for anxiety panic PTSD

Easy to listen to, understand & learn from. Truly helpful & effective.

Gives relief to me with every listen!

This is a wonderful podcast. I feel like they truly understand what I'm going through. Very easy to listen to as well.

Helps to get you through stressful times

For those of us who sometimes worry too much, this podcast offers some great practical advice for dealing with stress. It helps to realize there are others out there who also have difficulty coping with life's many challenges. Thanks Kevin & Kelli!

Very helpful

Love listening to this podcast. Very consistent with ACT concepts, which I believe to be the best therapy available for anxiety

Just what I needed!

Kevin does an amazing job at giving both hope and practical advice. Thanks for the amazing show!!!

First time listener today

And I am so pleased that I found you!! So much helpful information, thank you!!!

Anxiety Tips

Great podcast that offers tips to anyone suffering from street and/or anxiety!

Pure gold on a tough topic

I have to say that I love the candid nature of this show.

Very Fun

This is a great show. Very Fun to listen to

Awesome show!

Provides so much great information for anybody who has troubles with anxiety! I know a lot of friends who can get a lot of out of this podcast. Will definitely be sharing with them! Great job Kevin and Kelli! Loved your show!

One of my biggest struggles

I often get worked up pretty easily, I know others out there have the same problem and I’ve struggled with it for years. But its nice to know their are others and their coping mechanisms. Thanks for the show Kevin & Kelli, I look forward to the listening to some of the older episodes along with the newer releases.

Serious subject matter. Handled well.

Anxiety and the stigma that goes along with it is a serious topic. I’m glad to see it being handled so well. Kevin is sincere and interesting to listen to. I hope you guys keep the show going.

I appreciate this podcast so much.

Thank you is not enough to say. To help people by using your own personal experiences with severe anxiety is just amazing & is so very much appreciated. This show has been a great comfort & help to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Love this as an alternative to medicine

I love the way that they talk about anxiety and psycological problems and dont immediatly go to drugs and pharmaceuticals. I have had friends who medicated at any sign of problems and its good to see that there are others doing a push for figuring out why things are wrong before doing that

Everyone needs to listen to this podcast

This is a well produced podcast with exceptional material from which we can all benefit. It provides great tools and information to handle anxiety and be more productive.

Good Topic

Good Topic. If you have anxiety or panic attacks, you will want to listen in. Great work.

Posivite Take on a Hard Subject

Great job giving good advice on a hard subject. This is a great resource for anyone suffering with anxiety.


as a person who suffers from anxiety, this has become very therapeutic for me. Great podcast, worth your time.

Highly recommend!

*Disclaimer* I never write reviews but I have been so moved by the impact of this podcast that I felt the need to share. I’ve suffered on and off with anxiety for most of my adult life, but never had a full-blown panic attack until 2 years ago. Since then it has been a lot of ups and downs while I try and cope with anxiety. Recently, I have felt a spike in my anxiety and I began to seek other ways of coping. I came across this podcast and it is comforting to be able to identify with others suffering from anxiety.

so helpful

loving the episodes shining light on a sensitive topic


This really helps a lot with my overall anxiety. I have dealing with health anxiety and insomnia and listening to these podcasts help overcome my feeling of panic. I always look forward to these podcasts.

As helpful or more than anything I've read or heard anywhere else!

The coaches will often say that it will often take an anxious person many, many times of hearing something before it registers, or clicks. This continues to be true for me and the best thing I can say about this podcast is that even if I have heard some of their messages somewhere else, they seem to have a way of making things click for me time and again! Thank you ACP!

25 years of Anxiety

I listen to thier podcast every week.They have helped me a lot. I've been suffering with Anxiety for at least 25 years. These coaches really get me!!!

Can't listen enough....

This is the best and most encouraged I have felt in a long time. Just to know that other people have the same issues and have figured out a way without "just taking a pill or two".. I think you guys have so much potential to becoming something HUGE.. Maybe an anxiety recovery center or centers. Thank You for all that you do....

Great podcast

This is a great podcast and resource for those of us with anxiety. They have been through it and understand where we are coming from!

Absolutely amazing!

I love, love, love this podcast!!! I stumbled upon it after searching and downloading various ones on iTunes. It's been such a blessing in my life and it has helped me out so much... They discuss all forms of anxiety and give you tips on how to manage it. It's practical advice from real kind and genuine people who have lived through it. I listen to it many times a week and has helped reduce my anxiety. It's just so genuine and heartfelt that it makes you feel hopeful that you'll be ok. I cannot say enough good things about it... Thank you Kevin and Kellie!


Anxiety help from folks who know what we're dealing with. The podcasts are funny yet informative. I've recommended this podcast to my friends and family who are dealing with anxiety, and I highly reccommend this to anyone who needs help. Keep up the good work Kevin and Kelli!

Great Podcast

Today was my first time listening to this podcast. I found them very helpful with both coaches providing great techniques that you can tell they are very familiar with. I Love the style very laid-back very easy but yet relatable conversation.

Awesome podcast

Kevin & Kellie are amazing! 👍🏼

Great info in a comfortable environment

Great chats on topics that are not easy to talk about. Highly recommend.

Gentle and awesome

I thought I knew everything about anxiety after a lifetime of struggling with it and 4 years of treating it. This show teaches me something I don't know every episode and offers a gentler, kinder perspective on anxiety. Much needed, very grateful.

Thanks for the chill pill :)

I think we all suffer from anxiety at some point, but not too many are willing to get help. This show is great for those of us that want an alternative to therapy or drugs. Thanks for putting this show out there. You are helping a lot of people. Keep it up!

Professional Info

If you are looking for a podcast with info and feedback from practicing professionals, this is for you!

Jaime Jay / Podcast Professors

This is a killer show! I enjoyed the conversation. Both Kevin and Kelli play well off one another and I thoroghly enjoyed the show... I'm not afraid of flying, but I do get a little anxious with the boarding process so thanks for the insight. Kudos and thanks for the meditation advice. I'll definitely try it out.

Great Advice

Learned a lot from the 3 episodes I’ve checked out.

Great Show!

Awesome show! Would like it to be a lot longer but its still a great tool to deal with my anxiety. Thanks guys :)

A very appreciated podcast

Kevin and Kelli, you are both wonderful. We so much need this. Thanks for your great tips.

Great Listen!

Puts anxiety into perspective and begins teaching you how to come to terms with it.


I found this podcast interesting, informative and useful. I see where it can be very beneficial for someone dealing with extreme anxiety symptoms as well as the occassional circumstantial situations.

Stay calm no one is watching

Well done podcast. High quality and great information. Stop freaking yourself out becasue only you notice the little things. Everyone else is too busy.

Lot’s of value for the anxious - including me!

This show hits the nail on the head. Al of us have some degree of anxiety about our relationships, jobs, neighbors, or specific activities, whatever - we all have something. This podcast offers hope to those of us who deal with anxiety and workarounds to move towards relief. It’s easy to follow the conversation and I find lots of take-home value. Thanks Kevin and Kelli. You helped lower my anxiety level!


Anxiety coaches offers a ton of information, advice, and insight into anxiety in a very well produced package. As someone who has loved ones that suffer from anxiety, I find this podcast gives me a view I've never had before. While it's a difficult subject to understand, this podcast really puts things in perspective. Highly recommended!

Fantastic Resource

Keven and Kelli have a fantastic podcast! Their show and site is a wonderful resource for those who want to be more educated about anxiety.


Really good to listen to when succumbing to self-doubt. Especially dug the episode about job interviews, as I’ve been someone on both sides and know the worries of both.

Such a great Topic

Kevin and Kelli - Thank you for bringing not just attention but ways to cope with anxiety. This impacts so many people and it is so needed. Will share with others!

Real and Relevant

This is must listen for anyone and everyone. I appreciate your sharing from your experiences in an attempt to make my experiences better. Thank you!

If you suffer from anxiety - subscribe to this podcast

This podcast is very relevant. It’s important to know your options when you are dealing with anxiety problems.

Anxiety Gurus!

What a wonderful resource for those who need a little help with their anxiety! Loved the episode on driving anxiety and it really helped me deal with the stupidity of other drivers! Keep it coming...great content!

Amazing! Free Counseling 2x a Week

This show is an amazing tool for those who deal with anxiety. They cover every type of anxiety, some that you didn't even know existed. They're very empathetic with every topic, since they've dealt with most of what they talk about. They are anxiety coaches, so they definitely offer huge amounts of helpful information. I'm a huge fan!

Important Topic

You guys have a relaxed style and your message is simply delivered on a complex topic. Well done!

Real, effective down to earth wisdom!

Kevin and Kelli have down to earth wisdom and so many tips one can use immedietly to relieve and eliminate general anxiety and panic attacks. This pod cast is the go-to for understanding what is happening and what to do about it for all things anxiety related. Bravo!

Very helpful

Love the Mission behind this show. Very helpful tips that are easy to implement. Hosts make the topic entertaining and easy to accomplish. Keep it up!

Great insight from folks who have been thru anxiety

Great insight from folks who have been thru anxiety and reached the other side. It gives us anxiety sufferers hope. Well it does me for sure. I'm still learning the acceptance approach, it's been a struggle but these folks are here to guide you. Great podcast and I highly recommend for anyone.

This is a BIG topic and its awesome there is a show for it!

Kevin and Kelli do a great job with such a big topic. This show is extremely helpful and they openly talk about some of the challenges, but also offer real world solutions to help those who struggle with anxiety. Thank you for your dedication to this topic!


Anyone that has Anxiety should listen to this podcast… I have found a wealth of amazing information that's helped me, maybe it will help you also.

Listen every day

Personally since I heard my first episode months ago I look forward to the next. It has been so helpful in my daily struggles.

Gold mine for anxiety sufferers

The coaches on this podcast truly understand chronic anxiety as well as all the symptoms and conditions that coincide with anxiety. I am very impressed at their knowledge of how to cope with and recover from anxiety. I have years of experience dealing with anxiety and listening to these coaches is reassuring and soothing, as they are affirming the successful ways that I have learned to cope with anxiety.

Nothing else helped

Most people would say I am a calm, positive person. However, I had become increasingly focused on what could go wrong at work. Logically, I knew that my worries were unfounded, but I could not explain them away. I was becoming convinced I would need to see a professional. Luckily I discovered this podcast. I have learned that my concerns and fears were anxiety. I learned that I am not my anxiety and that I am not losing my mind. I only discovered this podcast a couple of weeks ago but already feel much better. Thank you Kevin and Kelli!

Very nicely done

Easy to listen to and I often fall asleep to it. It's nice to hear they know what works for one person may not work for the next person.

Great Podcast

Glad to see an anxiety podcast the seems to follow the Claire Weekes method pretty closely. I like that everyone who appears on the podcast is a former sufferer of anxiety. I really like the first wave of shows where Brian was present, his advice was really strong. Keep up the good work.


WOW….The Anxiety Coaches Podcast is flat out awesome. Good production quality. Easy to listen. Very impressed Kevin & Kelli. Keep bringing it.

Helping me already

You two just nail it, I can’t wait to go through all of the episodes

This podcast is AMAZING!

This podcast has helped me so much with my health anxiety and my IBS. Once I stop worrying so much, I definitely relax.

Changed my life

Listening to this podcast has changed my life - I feel like a new person! After years of trying to “do” something about my anxiety, Kevin and Kelli’s easy-going, fun, conversational, and common sense approaches to what is just normal, has freed me from what was just an overblown reaction to normal life. Thank you!!

Practical Advice That Works

This podcast provides practical tools that has helped me accept and understand my own anxiety. Realizing that other people experience what I do has been extremely encouraging in my own journey.


This has really helped me out. Thank you guys. This podcast is fantastic!!

Incredible show to relief from anxiety

Lovely show, I loved the conversation because it helped me to overcome my anxiety, and helped me to stay away from panic attacks. How to successfully stay safe, I learned the ways through this podcast. The tips and tricks are very helpful, each episode brings new ways after a deep research. It's the most incredible show for them who suffered from anxiety and PTSD, as well as wanting to get relief. Kevin and Kelli, both are amazing. Their answers to the questions on health, mindfulness, anxiety and stress management are very effective and easy to follow. I must recommend them!

Two thumbs up!

Kevin and Kelli are my new best friends. keep up the good work and thanks for getting me through some of the tougher times in my daily routine.


OMG, this show got me through a ton of my anxiety problems. Thanks so much Kebin and Kelli, keep the episodes straming!



So practical

A truly sound and practical podcast that will immediately give you relief Bc of the way the information from the hosts is portrayed