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Important to a lot of people

Anxiety is something that affects many people. I hope they can find this terrific resource and share and benefit from your experience. Good work, Brian and Kevin!

Thumbs up

Good podcast. I can see it helping many people. Great content.

Real Self Help Advice From Real People...

I like that Brian & Kevin are regular guys that deal with anxiety themselves. They share helpful advice that has helped them control anxiety. These guys have a passion to help people... Derek Smith, "Selling On Purpose"

Empathetic, gentle and helpful.

I am very happy to listen in to Brian and Kevin as they grow this podcast. I had recently been laid off and it triggered some PTSD anxiety. I confided with a family member and they hooked me up with this show. The issue of anxiety has a lot of shame around it yet I know many who suffer from it. It brings up a lot of issues: self care, codependency, depression, medication and guilt. This podcast helps bring the issue out into the open. I just listened to the podcast on boundaries and felt it was spot on. As I go through this time of anxiety I have had to learn to say no and quite often. This can bring feelings of fear and guilt when it means saying no to our family, lovers, and co-workers/bosses. Great job guys, keep going and I I look forward to hearing more. Keep going guys. Let me know if you need a guest speaker!


I stumbled on this podcast about a week ago, and I cannot get enough. I have suffered from anxiety for the past several years, and this podcast has created a conversational reference for me to go to when I can't go to anyone I know. I feel hopeful and like there is finally a solution to my anxiety--I have skills to make my days better. I no longer "suffer." Anxiety is just another small part of my life, like taking out the trash. Thank you, guys!

Saying No

Ahhh, this is so helpful! I love saying yes. I love helping people. So setting boundaries has been a life long challenge for me. The consequences of stressing ourselves out by not setting boundaries are a few steps removed, so sometimes it is tough to tell what our "yes" is going to lead to. Thanks for these tips - very helpful. Lisa Cummings | Career Q&A podcast


So happy there is something for people like myself that suffer from PTSD and having anxiety attacks a few have landed me into the ER. I've downloaded all podcasts and will listen to them all. Thank you for being our voice!

Beneficial for everyone

Everyone can benefit from the informative mental health issues that Kevin and Brian share so openly and honestly.


Whether you suffer from stress, anxiety, PTSD or know someone who does, these guys can help you out.

Amazing! Extremely helpful.

I have been using the Anxiety Coaches podcasts as follow up to my group therapy sessions and in between seeing my therapist each week. I find great advice and tips and connect in a way I never thought possible via technology. I contribute my continued progress through depression and axiety to The Anxiety Coaches. Thank you so much. -J,. Chicagoland


Recently subscribed and I'm really enjoying the episodes, especially today's meditation episode! Glad I found you guys!

Conquer anxiety-undetstand it

Thank you for this informative show.Awesome! I am glad you both went through what you did with anxiety so that you have been able to help me understand&deal with mine. I am able to say I can feel in more control if my life, conquered fears, and truly live each day using skills introduced in the podcast. I'm rarely saying I'm anxious now that I am living in the moment now. Again, Thank you.

I love this podcast

I don't even know where to begin. These guys are wonderful. I have suffered with anxiety my entire life, and I have never addressed it until now, as an adult. It feels so good to hear these tips, and stories from individuals that have experienced anxiety first hand. They are optimistic, and so inspiring. Thank you so much for making this podcast. The world needs more resources like this for people that may be too shy, or scared to seek help in a traditional setting.

The Anxiety Coaches

I've really found the coaches helpful. My whole family has anxiety issues....I will tell all of them about this. Most of my health issues are due to anxiety. Thanks

GREAT Podcast!!!

Great conversation with pointers on how to help combat different types of anxiety. Listening to one of the podcasts, I actually yelled out, " YES! Thats exactly how I feel!!!" Its hard to describe your feelings sometimes when dealing with anxiety. These guys get it. THANK YOU Brian and Kevin for all of your help!

Awesome show

These guys help me deal with co-workers and even family members. Great work and please keep them coming!

Life Changing

I am not exaggerating at all when I say this podcast has been life changing. I am a "highly senstive introvert" and thought for the longest time something was wrong with me. I feared would never find my niche in the world. When I heard them talk about how being over stimulated leads to anxiety, a light bulb went off. In just listening to a few shows I have been able to get out in the world lately without dread. I LOVE the format of the show, how they are just having a conversation that I get to listen to. Its brilliant. Being from the south myself, Brian's southern drawl is immensly comforting to me. I wish there were new shows daily!

Who doesn't need anxiety relief?

An ongoing open and honest conversation about anxiety and this isn't just for over stressed people. Everybody can relate to stress and the anxiety coaches have a very helpful and calming approach to a common problem. Great little insights throughout each episode. Nice work guys, keep it up!

So helpful and on-point

I listened to a few episodes today and learned so much already! I loved the one about thinking in a manner that is too “black and white”—I could totally envision some people I know in that. Thanks for such great content!

Entertaining and Helpful!

I was looking for a podcast to help a friend that suffer from Anxiety and came across The Anxiety Coaches Podcast with Brian Sellers and Kevin Davis. Based on the reviews and topics this seemed to be a podcast that might be beneficial so I downloaded episode #22 which offered tips on dealing with panic attacks. I loved the fact that it covered such important topics and provided important tips that were very easy to adapt. There are a lot of self help podcasts but what made this podcast special is that it delivered tons of useful information in a engaging and entertaining manner. As a bonus I also picked up some techniques to help me deal with my stressful job. Great Job!

Show is really good

Really good show. Super helpful with my own personal anxiety haha. Thank you so much Brian and Kevin.

Loving it

The podcast is like a warm security blanket melting away some of the stress

Good, to-the-point subjects in this area.

I like the self-help aspect of this. I would however want to here more about resources where more help, professional or not, may be obtained. It occurs to me that afflicted individuals may not know where to go in their own community to reach out for help. And I do realize this may be in other podcasts. Also of course I imagine you've touched on diet, how swings in blood sugar can also swing moods and exacerbate such maladies, but here I am taking well out-of-my-field of expertise. Just a word regarding audio quality: The tones you are using are very heavy into the mid-range, at lest on my sound system here. (Yes, I have been a pro audio guy on and off for the past 30 years, so consider me a prickly snoot-mister in this regard.) Thus, for me at least after just 10 minutes I start to get the kind of "ear fatigue" which even if interested in the topic I would turn the levels way down or off after a short while. The continuous telephone interview, and resulting pervasive narrowband tones of course do not help in this regard. Seems that this could easily be corrected in post by dipping the mids considerably, then bring up the lows and highs. Get the graphic part of the EQ to look like a smile shape, and I am sure my ears in particular would smile in return.

Good Feeling

Love this cast give me a good feeling after listening to it . Definitely boost my moral leaves me feeling like I have an opportunity to be heard

Amazing podcast!

This podcast is amazing for anyone that is struggling with anxiety. I really love how open and honest Brian and Kevin are. It is like you are sitting right there in the room with them just having a conversation. The show flows well and is professionally produced. If you suffer from any sort of anxiety, this show is definitely worth listening to.

What a Relief!

These guys are the best for helping overcome my fear of success. Great job guys!

Love the Style

I really like the overall style of this podcast. Very direct but yet conversational.

Awesome podcast for curing Anxiety!

Just what the Dr. ordered : )

Very Helpful

Kevin and Brian are very insightful, and I find their advice easy to follow.

You will get anxious waiting for the next episode!

If you have anxiety about anything, chances are Brian and Kevin are talking about it on The Anxiety Coaches Podcast. They tackle the subject of anxiety in a way that people can relate easily. Whether it's driving or going to the doctors, they provide great tips to help you relax!