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I discovered this podcast about a week ago & I'm happy I found it. Each episode discusses a topic about stress & anxiety management using realistic solutions. The hosts use personal stories & examples to allow the listener to feel as if they are part of the conversation.


I found this podcast during a time in my life that Panic had resurfaced. I battled it with medications for many years and found moderate success. Now, I am taking a more fundamental approach and exploring more of "me". I am supplementing regular Dr visits with Kevin and Kelli and they are wonderful. I truly enjoy the podcast and how it is direct and to the point. No fluff. I just want you both to know that those of us who battle this every day appreciate your dedication to putting this material on the web for free and offering your own insights and personal experiences.Thank you and keep up the good work. Branden

Awesome anxiety buster!

Love the concept of this show and how it tackles a very important yet socially ignored topic. I'm sure a lot of the listeners find this show relevant in their day to day life. Keep the fire of encouragement and inspiration burning! Two thumbs up!


Love this podcast!

Forever indebted to this podcast

This podcast changed my life. I realize now that the past 3 years of medical tests, prescriptions, sick days, and relationship strains are all related to my anxiety. This podcast has prompted me to go seek professional help for what appears to be the only disease that plagues me- anxiety. I have chronic migraines and severe IBS and I always just assumed that everyone worries nonstop about their health and the health of their loved ones when they aren't "safe at home." You both have made me realize that I don't have to hide my anxiety from my doctor and I am finally making the appointment that matters to discuss the root of my issues. You have not only saved my health insurance thousands, you have saved my relationships with the loved ones who have managed to hang on through this roller coaster ride, and you have quite honestly saved my life. Thank you so much.

Really Good!

I've only listened to about 6 episodes, but so far I am very impressed and so glad that I found this resource. I love the topics and the format. It is very informative and I feel much more supported in my journey. It's always nice to know you are not alone in this struggle but with this podcast you can get help and reassurance from people who have experienced what you are going through without all the negativity that comes about when people are still deep in their struggle and complaining about all their symptoms. Very convenient format for me also.

Well done

Lost my colon to worry at age 30, almost 60 now, good advice for the anxiety ridden people in the world. Meds are not Always the answer but they help us get to it.

Great help for anyone.

This podcast can give anyone the tools needed to conquer and live with anxiety.

Great content!

I know a few that suffer from anxiety and this really helps me put everything in perspective. Looking forward to more! Greg @greg_barth

Vital in Today's Day and Age

Anxiety grips more people than the average person would be able to guess; and in fact, afflicts just abut everybody at some time or another. Kevin and Kelli are the perfect, "folks next door"-type hosts to delivery delicious nuggets to help those in need.

Thank you

As a person that gets bad anxieties, I truly appreciate your podcast! Love your approach to it, not judging but showing different ways of dealing with it


This podcast is literally keeping me in the world. I have had panic attacks for 25 years. Usually they incapacitate me to the point where it takes over my entire life. This time the anxiety and panic is becoming something that has a solution attached to it. Thanks to the coaches with their podcasts, youtube videos, Facebook group, and coaching. My attitude is different and better and, even at the beginning of my recovery when it's the hardest, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you!!!

I've struggled with anxiety for years & am currently in another tough spell. I listened to my first episode last night & was great...thank you so much!!!!

Great Show! Love the content and format!

Great Job by Kevin and Kelli on their podcast. Timely and relevant information and content!

A+ Podcast

Great show for who wants to go to the next level. Keep up the good work.

habit of gratitude

Loved the JFK quote about not just saying words but living them. Being mired in a negative experience does feel like it could last forever. They talk about the concept of looking where you want to go and having perspective that it will pass. Useful tips here.

Awesome and encouraging

This is the kind of show that will become very important to certain people and exactly what they need to hear. Kevin and his co-hosts are so positive, encouraging, and forward thinking. This is important work and they're doing a great job at it!

The Voices with Vets was brilliant

I heard about the power of dogs and how they help. But the concept discussed in detail was amazing.

Building gratitude

Higher levels of gratitude gives better sleep? Wow, so cool, good stories, and a great reminder

Very Helpful

Kevin hits on all the reasons for anxiety and tips to either over come or avoid negative thoughts and emotions.

Talk about value!

This podcast is amazing! Really great topics and practices shared for those looking to live a better, stress free life.

Thank you for the great content

In a world where there is so much expected from us and we often end up feeling inadequate and anxious, this is a great resource.

So nice to not feel so alone

Aside from providing wide topics along with discussions about different types/forms/etc of anxiety, it is just so comforting to know that there are so many of us out here, and we can talk about how we cope. Sharing stories is brilliant!!

Great Show!

Great content would definitely recommend it.

Great show to help so many people

Anxiety is something that affects so many people. But, getting the help they need can sometimes be challenging. This podcast is a great idea because not only is it free, but it also allows access to help without the need to go to a counselor. One thing I love about it is that this can help many of us (like myself) who may not categorize themselves with having a problem but do experience some degree of anxiety in normal life situations. Keep up the great work!

Great Show

Loved the show so much that I recently joined as a regular guest :)

Life changing!!

I've been listening to the Anxiety Coaches Podcast for a few weeks now and can't believe how much their tips have helped! It's like sitting around talking to a couple of friends, but they understand what I'm going through!!

Kevin & Brian are Fantastic

I really connect with these great topics... overanalysis paralysis... OCD... It is wonderful to hear amazing stories, inspiring and usable suggestions and honest open hearts. Thank you so so much!!!

Top Quality Podcast

What I love about this podcast is it provides excellent tools you to face every day anxieties. Basically it helps people face life's seemingly overwhelming situations in a practical easy way. Thanks for your transparency to help others live a quality life!

Hope for those of us who struggle

A great source of hope for many of us who struggle with anxiety or PTSD. Knowledgeable guests and also very entertaining.