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Anxiety coaches offers a ton of information, advice, and insight into anxiety in a very well produced package. As someone who has loved ones that suffer from anxiety, I find this podcast gives me a view I've never had before. While it's a difficult subject to understand, this podcast really puts things in perspective. Highly recommended!

Fantastic Resource

Keven and Kelli have a fantastic podcast! Their show and site is a wonderful resource for those who want to be more educated about anxiety.


Really good to listen to when succumbing to self-doubt. Especially dug the episode about job interviews, as I’ve been someone on both sides and know the worries of both.

Such a great Topic

Kevin and Kelli - Thank you for bringing not just attention but ways to cope with anxiety. This impacts so many people and it is so needed. Will share with others!

Real and Relevant

This is must listen for anyone and everyone. I appreciate your sharing from your experiences in an attempt to make my experiences better. Thank you!

If you suffer from anxiety - subscribe to this podcast

This podcast is very relevant. It’s important to know your options when you are dealing with anxiety problems.

Anxiety Gurus!

What a wonderful resource for those who need a little help with their anxiety! Loved the episode on driving anxiety and it really helped me deal with the stupidity of other drivers! Keep it coming...great content!

Amazing! Free Counseling 2x a Week

This show is an amazing tool for those who deal with anxiety. They cover every type of anxiety, some that you didn't even know existed. They're very empathetic with every topic, since they've dealt with most of what they talk about. They are anxiety coaches, so they definitely offer huge amounts of helpful information. I'm a huge fan!

Important Topic

You guys have a relaxed style and your message is simply delivered on a complex topic. Well done!

Real, effective down to earth wisdom!

Kevin and Kelli have down to earth wisdom and so many tips one can use immedietly to relieve and eliminate general anxiety and panic attacks. This pod cast is the go-to for understanding what is happening and what to do about it for all things anxiety related. Bravo!

Very helpful

Love the Mission behind this show. Very helpful tips that are easy to implement. Hosts make the topic entertaining and easy to accomplish. Keep it up!

Great insight from folks who have been thru anxiety

Great insight from folks who have been thru anxiety and reached the other side. It gives us anxiety sufferers hope. Well it does me for sure. I'm still learning the acceptance approach, it's been a struggle but these folks are here to guide you. Great podcast and I highly recommend for anyone.

This is a BIG topic and its awesome there is a show for it!

Kevin and Kelli do a great job with such a big topic. This show is extremely helpful and they openly talk about some of the challenges, but also offer real world solutions to help those who struggle with anxiety. Thank you for your dedication to this topic!


Anyone that has Anxiety should listen to this podcast… I have found a wealth of amazing information that's helped me, maybe it will help you also.

Listen every day

Personally since I heard my first episode months ago I look forward to the next. It has been so helpful in my daily struggles.

Gold mine for anxiety sufferers

The coaches on this podcast truly understand chronic anxiety as well as all the symptoms and conditions that coincide with anxiety. I am very impressed at their knowledge of how to cope with and recover from anxiety. I have years of experience dealing with anxiety and listening to these coaches is reassuring and soothing, as they are affirming the successful ways that I have learned to cope with anxiety.

Nothing else helped

Most people would say I am a calm, positive person. However, I had become increasingly focused on what could go wrong at work. Logically, I knew that my worries were unfounded, but I could not explain them away. I was becoming convinced I would need to see a professional. Luckily I discovered this podcast. I have learned that my concerns and fears were anxiety. I learned that I am not my anxiety and that I am not losing my mind. I only discovered this podcast a couple of weeks ago but already feel much better. Thank you Kevin and Kelli!

Very nicely done

Easy to listen to and I often fall asleep to it. It's nice to hear they know what works for one person may not work for the next person.

Great Podcast

Glad to see an anxiety podcast the seems to follow the Claire Weekes method pretty closely. I like that everyone who appears on the podcast is a former sufferer of anxiety. I really like the first wave of shows where Brian was present, his advice was really strong. Keep up the good work.


WOW….The Anxiety Coaches Podcast is flat out awesome. Good production quality. Easy to listen. Very impressed Kevin & Kelli. Keep bringing it.

Helping me already

You two just nail it, I can’t wait to go through all of the episodes

This podcast is AMAZING!

This podcast has helped me so much with my health anxiety and my IBS. Once I stop worrying so much, I definitely relax.

Changed my life

Listening to this podcast has changed my life - I feel like a new person! After years of trying to “do” something about my anxiety, Kevin and Kelli’s easy-going, fun, conversational, and common sense approaches to what is just normal, has freed me from what was just an overblown reaction to normal life. Thank you!!

Practical Advice That Works

This podcast provides practical tools that has helped me accept and understand my own anxiety. Realizing that other people experience what I do has been extremely encouraging in my own journey.


This has really helped me out. Thank you guys. This podcast is fantastic!!

Incredible show to relief from anxiety

Lovely show, I loved the conversation because it helped me to overcome my anxiety, and helped me to stay away from panic attacks. How to successfully stay safe, I learned the ways through this podcast. The tips and tricks are very helpful, each episode brings new ways after a deep research. It's the most incredible show for them who suffered from anxiety and PTSD, as well as wanting to get relief. Kevin and Kelli, both are amazing. Their answers to the questions on health, mindfulness, anxiety and stress management are very effective and easy to follow. I must recommend them!

Two thumbs up!

Kevin and Kelli are my new best friends. keep up the good work and thanks for getting me through some of the tougher times in my daily routine.


OMG, this show got me through a ton of my anxiety problems. Thanks so much Kebin and Kelli, keep the episodes straming!



So practical

A truly sound and practical podcast that will immediately give you relief Bc of the way the information from the hosts is portrayed