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Serious subject matter. Handled well.

Anxiety and the stigma that goes along with it is a serious topic. I’m glad to see it being handled so well. Kevin is sincere and interesting to listen to. I hope you guys keep the show going.

I appreciate this podcast so much.

Thank you is not enough to say. To help people by using your own personal experiences with severe anxiety is just amazing & is so very much appreciated. This show has been a great comfort & help to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Love this as an alternative to medicine

I love the way that they talk about anxiety and psycological problems and dont immediatly go to drugs and pharmaceuticals. I have had friends who medicated at any sign of problems and its good to see that there are others doing a push for figuring out why things are wrong before doing that

Everyone needs to listen to this podcast

This is a well produced podcast with exceptional material from which we can all benefit. It provides great tools and information to handle anxiety and be more productive.

Good Topic

Good Topic. If you have anxiety or panic attacks, you will want to listen in. Great work.

Posivite Take on a Hard Subject

Great job giving good advice on a hard subject. This is a great resource for anyone suffering with anxiety.


as a person who suffers from anxiety, this has become very therapeutic for me. Great podcast, worth your time.

Highly recommend!

*Disclaimer* I never write reviews but I have been so moved by the impact of this podcast that I felt the need to share. I’ve suffered on and off with anxiety for most of my adult life, but never had a full-blown panic attack until 2 years ago. Since then it has been a lot of ups and downs while I try and cope with anxiety. Recently, I have felt a spike in my anxiety and I began to seek other ways of coping. I came across this podcast and it is comforting to be able to identify with others suffering from anxiety.

so helpful

loving the episodes shining light on a sensitive topic


This really helps a lot with my overall anxiety. I have dealing with health anxiety and insomnia and listening to these podcasts help overcome my feeling of panic. I always look forward to these podcasts.

As helpful or more than anything I've read or heard anywhere else!

The coaches will often say that it will often take an anxious person many, many times of hearing something before it registers, or clicks. This continues to be true for me and the best thing I can say about this podcast is that even if I have heard some of their messages somewhere else, they seem to have a way of making things click for me time and again! Thank you ACP!

25 years of Anxiety

I listen to thier podcast every week.They have helped me a lot. I've been suffering with Anxiety for at least 25 years. These coaches really get me!!!

Can't listen enough....

This is the best and most encouraged I have felt in a long time. Just to know that other people have the same issues and have figured out a way without "just taking a pill or two".. I think you guys have so much potential to becoming something HUGE.. Maybe an anxiety recovery center or centers. Thank You for all that you do....

Great podcast

This is a great podcast and resource for those of us with anxiety. They have been through it and understand where we are coming from!

Absolutely amazing!

I love, love, love this podcast!!! I stumbled upon it after searching and downloading various ones on iTunes. It's been such a blessing in my life and it has helped me out so much... They discuss all forms of anxiety and give you tips on how to manage it. It's practical advice from real kind and genuine people who have lived through it. I listen to it many times a week and has helped reduce my anxiety. It's just so genuine and heartfelt that it makes you feel hopeful that you'll be ok. I cannot say enough good things about it... Thank you Kevin and Kellie!


Anxiety help from folks who know what we're dealing with. The podcasts are funny yet informative. I've recommended this podcast to my friends and family who are dealing with anxiety, and I highly reccommend this to anyone who needs help. Keep up the good work Kevin and Kelli!

Great Podcast

Today was my first time listening to this podcast. I found them very helpful with both coaches providing great techniques that you can tell they are very familiar with. I Love the style very laid-back very easy but yet relatable conversation.

Awesome podcast

Kevin & Kellie are amazing! 👍🏼

Great info in a comfortable environment

Great chats on topics that are not easy to talk about. Highly recommend.

Gentle and awesome

I thought I knew everything about anxiety after a lifetime of struggling with it and 4 years of treating it. This show teaches me something I don't know every episode and offers a gentler, kinder perspective on anxiety. Much needed, very grateful.

Thanks for the chill pill :)

I think we all suffer from anxiety at some point, but not too many are willing to get help. This show is great for those of us that want an alternative to therapy or drugs. Thanks for putting this show out there. You are helping a lot of people. Keep it up!

Professional Info

If you are looking for a podcast with info and feedback from practicing professionals, this is for you!

Jaime Jay / Podcast Professors

This is a killer show! I enjoyed the conversation. Both Kevin and Kelli play well off one another and I thoroghly enjoyed the show... I'm not afraid of flying, but I do get a little anxious with the boarding process so thanks for the insight. Kudos and thanks for the meditation advice. I'll definitely try it out.

Great Advice

Learned a lot from the 3 episodes I’ve checked out.

Great Show!

Awesome show! Would like it to be a lot longer but its still a great tool to deal with my anxiety. Thanks guys :)

A very appreciated podcast

Kevin and Kelli, you are both wonderful. We so much need this. Thanks for your great tips.

Great Listen!

Puts anxiety into perspective and begins teaching you how to come to terms with it.


I found this podcast interesting, informative and useful. I see where it can be very beneficial for someone dealing with extreme anxiety symptoms as well as the occassional circumstantial situations.

Stay calm no one is watching

Well done podcast. High quality and great information. Stop freaking yourself out becasue only you notice the little things. Everyone else is too busy.

Lot’s of value for the anxious - including me!

This show hits the nail on the head. Al of us have some degree of anxiety about our relationships, jobs, neighbors, or specific activities, whatever - we all have something. This podcast offers hope to those of us who deal with anxiety and workarounds to move towards relief. It’s easy to follow the conversation and I find lots of take-home value. Thanks Kevin and Kelli. You helped lower my anxiety level!