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Love it

In today’s world who doesn’t have stress? We all do. Now there’s help for the stress that you feel. I appreciate the insight and the way that Brian and Kevin are combating the issues that are negatively impacting our lives. Great job guys.

Such a great help

These powerful episodes provide anyone listening with a great amount of insight, lessons, experience and help with all things having to do with anxiety. This is awesome and really helpful.

To many suffer

Too many people in today’s world suffer from this label. Glad you two are shinning a light on this issue!

Great Show!

I love the content and honesty with these hosts! Keep up the great work!-Nic

Great content! Great hosts! Great show!

Thank you for providing a resource for those suffering from anxiety! I've recommended your show to a dear friend who battles it daily. Very enjoyable show to understand the issue better and learn ways to manage and thrive!

Words of encouragement

Can't express what a great and positive feel this podcast has. All the right elements to help one with anxiety issues, with great examples and practical, effective tools to help anyone.

Great podcasts(what else is there to say!)

These guys podcasts have everything! They are informative, fun and presented with an ease that makes the show a must hear. And the guys have a casualness that is endearing. I am going to recommend to my friends.

Living with Anxiety

I'm glad I came across your podcast. Most the time I have no idea what brings on my anxiety/panic attack. My co-worker told me yesterday, that I've gotten worse. I totally relate that my small home (my bed, especially) is my safe haven. I feel no one can get me there. I have my cycling to escape my anxiety, but unfortunetly I can't cycle 24/7 ;) Thanks for your ideas! I'm sharing this with others that suffer as well. Peace

Great podcast for Anxiety info

These guys understand anxiety and make the information they present easy to understand.


What a great podcast filled with episodes on life lessons and valuable information helping anyone dealing with anxiety. I would dare say these concepts and advice will not only help you with anxiety but function with clarity and focus in your daily life on all levels. Love this.

A True Self Help Podcast

Over all just a great show, and is a great example of podcast that is run by professionals who have actual experience in the self help world. I myself suffer from anxiety as a performer and I've used a lot of the advise on this show to help me before I get up in front of people. Great Job Brian and Kevin, your doing us all a big favor with your efforts.

Practical, Genuine

Great show. Brian and Kevin sound like genuine guys, and they offer practical tips for real world situations. My only advice might be to tighten the episodes a bit to get them shorter. I would love to hear episodes on how parents can help an anxiety-prone child.


Kevin's soothing and James Earl Jones-esq voice makes me realize that Darth Vader could have had anxiety too. If Darth could get over it and build the Death Star in such a tumultuous and stressful environment, I too, can get out of my house and make things happen. Thank you, Darth Kevin. You have shown me the force to make change.

Highly Informative!

As someone who is dealing with stress and anxiety in a high-paced work environment, I would highly recommend this podcast. Kevin is very knowledgable in all health related topics and has helped me greatly in my years of knowing him!

What a Great Podcast!

Kevin and Brian are delivering such helpful information - there is definitely a need that is being filled with this podcast. Thank you!

They possess knowledge that you should listen to!

This is a great podcast! Great hosts, or rather coaches, who help you with anxiety and PTSD. Highly recommended for all who want help in this area, or they know of a friend or family member who needs help in this area.

A subject that effects us all, whether we realize it or not!

This is such an important discussion to be having, because anxiety effects pretty much everyone to varying degrees. It has had a major impact on my life and sharing these lessons will hopefully help many many others!

Sincere & Honest

Brian and Kevin are really easy to listen to and know their stuff! Highly recommend listening for that car ride.

Some of the best wisdom on the web

You may not even realize you struggle with anxiety until you listen to some of the coaching on this podcast. Very practical.

Great show!

Love the show really needed a show like this in my life!

Love the subject matter, so important

Everyone should listen to this show. The content is so relevant to what's going on in the world today. We need more self-help shows like this! The coaches (hosts) are fantastic, love their perspective. I love how they approach each topic with an open mind. Can't wait for more!

Dealing with stress? This show will help!

Kevin and Brian give some great advice to help with stress and anxiety, and the best part is they are speaking from personal experience! If you are dealing with stress or anxiety, give this show a try!!

Great Show

Brian & Kevin really bring it every show and you can only appreciate that their Podcast is about passing useful information and really trying to help people you guys have our support over here at It's Real Talk Radio

Great Show!

I really enjoyed listening to your podcasts. I was suffering from insomnia but you helped me with that. Just kidding :) Keep up the good work!

good show

really enjoy Brian and Kevin's show The Anxiety Coaches. check it out!

Face it, we all have it

Kevin and Brian are bringing focus to a major experience of what it is to be human. Unfortunately it's something that most people try to deny themselves. Anxiety is something I personally struggle with and this podcast helps me feel I'm not alone and gives many valuable tools on how to find peace within my anxiety.

... Amazing

Simply not enough time or words to explain the (a) importance and (b) dedication to the cause these podcasts provide. They are relevant and very useful into life. Listen to this stuff. I trust this info as it relates to my life and my families. I know K personally. He knows his stuff!!! - Warmly, - 10 yr navy wife of a PO1, TBI on duty, major PTSD & family torn apart. ----information IS KEY!!!!----

New show. New shine. Better than ever advice!

Brian and Kevin kick butt. It’s really that simple. Here are two guys that are giving you the tools that you need to navigate anxiety. What most people don’t realize is that anxiety can be very insidious. You can suffer from it and not realize what stresses you out so much. These guys have answers for you. They have skills for you. You really need to check this show out. It’s a small time commitment for what could be LIFE LONG lessons in battling your anxiety. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Manage your anxiety with their help NOW.

The Anxiety Coaches Podcast

These are some of the most informative podcasts I've heard! Great information. Looking forward to each new episode. Thanks Kevin and Brian!

Great Advice for Worriers

I don’t suffer for anxiety but my mother does and this podcast has given me amazing tips and advice to deal with stress and anxiety. Thank you Brain Davis!