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Great Show!

I really enjoyed listening to your podcasts. I was suffering from insomnia but you helped me with that. Just kidding :) Keep up the good work!

good show

really enjoy Brian and Kevin's show The Anxiety Coaches. check it out!

Face it, we all have it

Kevin and Brian are bringing focus to a major experience of what it is to be human. Unfortunately it's something that most people try to deny themselves. Anxiety is something I personally struggle with and this podcast helps me feel I'm not alone and gives many valuable tools on how to find peace within my anxiety.

... Amazing

Simply not enough time or words to explain the (a) importance and (b) dedication to the cause these podcasts provide. They are relevant and very useful into life. Listen to this stuff. I trust this info as it relates to my life and my families. I know K personally. He knows his stuff!!! - Warmly, - 10 yr navy wife of a PO1, TBI on duty, major PTSD & family torn apart. ----information IS KEY!!!!----

New show. New shine. Better than ever advice!

Brian and Kevin kick butt. It’s really that simple. Here are two guys that are giving you the tools that you need to navigate anxiety. What most people don’t realize is that anxiety can be very insidious. You can suffer from it and not realize what stresses you out so much. These guys have answers for you. They have skills for you. You really need to check this show out. It’s a small time commitment for what could be LIFE LONG lessons in battling your anxiety. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Manage your anxiety with their help NOW.

The Anxiety Coaches Podcast

These are some of the most informative podcasts I've heard! Great information. Looking forward to each new episode. Thanks Kevin and Brian!

Great Advice for Worriers

I don’t suffer for anxiety but my mother does and this podcast has given me amazing tips and advice to deal with stress and anxiety. Thank you Brain Davis!

Is this a podcast or another conversation?

I feel like I'm sitting in the room participating in this conversation. I appreciate their sincerity and honesty in discussing such a difficult topic. Please keep this series going, it's like Seinfeld just gets better with each episode.


Relevant podcast for today's stressful times.

good one

Good production and good personality on this one. Worth checking out if you’re looking to better yourself. Even if you don’t have “anxiety,” there is some good stuff here.

Great Stuff

Great Podcast. I have close friends who suffer severe anxiety and can't wait to turn them on to this!

Experience speaks

Brian and Kevin have a lot of experience with clients and themselves regarding this important topic. I trust their advice and know that it can really help me with my own anxiety.

Great New Podcast!

There is some really useful information here. Nice addition to the self-help podcast genre. Looking forward to more episodes!


I really like this podcast and can't wait to get some of my friends listening to it!

Great show with much needed advice

I can relate greatly to this podcast. Kevin and Brian do a great job of discussing a difficult subject. Big fan!

Its a tough world out there! There IS help . . .

I know Kevin personally in the real world. (Until he moved away :-( ) . . .He’s kind of a remarkable guy. Genuine. Honest. Knowledgable. He even won a “People’s Choice” award as a fitness trainer without even campaigning. No joke. He has a “common sense” approach to fitness and mental health. You find yourself nodding and thinking “Duh”. But sometimes . . .you need someone to clarify and tell you these things. It does help to confirm, deep down, what you sometimes already know. If you have issues with anxiety or stress, Kevin’s insights and practical tips will help you make those incremental gains and improvements that you want and need. Without medication and/or dramatic changes and measures.

Fun, conversational, and helpful!

I'm really enjoying this podcast and have found it to be very helpful with my anxiety. I especially enjoyed the episode about health anxiety because that has been a big problem for me!!