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Awesome podcast for curing Anxiety!

Just what the Dr. ordered : )

Very Helpful

Kevin and Brian are very insightful, and I find their advice easy to follow.

You will get anxious waiting for the next episode!

If you have anxiety about anything, chances are Brian and Kevin are talking about it on The Anxiety Coaches Podcast. They tackle the subject of anxiety in a way that people can relate easily. Whether it's driving or going to the doctors, they provide great tips to help you relax!

Great advice and self-help techniques

Brian and Kevin do a great job helping people overcome and manage anxiety and PTSD. They draw from their own experience which makes it very credible and engaging. This show is real, authentic and just good stuff with two great guys giving and coaching healing, coping and moreover, conquering skills for very important and relevant issues! Thanks guys, and please keep up the great service, Andy Z.


As a cancer survivor who had a very hard time dealing with post-cancer anxiety, I found this podcast to be unbelievably helpful, comforting and encouraging! Really great actionable tips and tools to help cope and overcome with anxiety & panic. I can’t stop listening, so glad I subscribed! Great jobs guys :)

Great podcast to help overcome anxiety

If you are suffering from anxiety, this is a great podcast to help you overcome it.

WoW this show is so valuable

This show is a one of a kind great for anyone in a hectic life, well I guess that's about everyone, keep up the awesome content I live it and will be returning often!

WoW this show is so valuable

This show is a one of a kind great for anyone in a hectic life, well I guess that's about everyone, keep up the awesome content I live it and will be returning often!

Good stuff!

Everyone knows someone with anxiety issues. This podcast can help them, or you, understand it better. Can’t not love that!

SO helpful

This is the kind of show that people NEED to help them realize they’re not alone.

An important topic with straight forward help

How raw and relevant and reveling! I really appreciate that you are not coming at this subject as purely technical, but personal. That means a lot. As someone who has seen anxiety in his family first hand it is a privilege to subscribe to your show. Thank you Brian and Kevin for being real!

An Open Approach to an Important Topic

Anxiety and depression effect so many people and it's so nice to see a great podcast tackling this subject in an approachable and comfortable manner.

I love this show!

I love anything that has to do with psychology and neurology so this podcast is great! Going through all of the episodes one by one! Great show!

Exactly the podcast I needed tonight

I just discovered this podcast and listened to episode 11: 7 ways to get to sleep. I have been battling insomnia for months now and these exercises are what my brain and body needed. Thank you so much guys!

Nice Podcast

I enjoy the podcast. I listen to it on my commute from work. I'm often stressed and need some guidance. I look forward to more topics and some seem too short. Great work guys!

Lots of useful tips and explanations

Listening to these epidsodes has helped me learn to deal with my particular anxieties without resorting to isolating myself in my home. I was working on coping on my own, but exponential strides have been made by listening to Brian and Kevin, two men that have already been there, done that. Thank you!

Strong in Every Sense of the World

Kevin Davis and Brian Sellers ease you into a world of uncomfortable circumstance with comforting encouragement. Kudos boys! Keep the podcast rolling!!!

A Podcast That's Needed In Today's Society

Anxiety is something that must be addressed in today's fast past world. This Podcast will help many people! I really enjoyed episode #5 about football and anxiety

Great show!

Brian and Kevin just keep helping us all be healthy! Such great information from people who really care about health. Glad I found the new show!

Extremely Helpful for This Introvert

I'm an introvert posing as an extrovert. I am able to cope, but certain incidents cause me extreme anxiety and trigger nervousness. This is a helpful resource for me to manage my stress.

Smart Podcast for Better Lives

As an entrepreneur, we are all going to get that anxiety. This podcast is really making a great difference. I am a new subscriber and learning a lot about controlling my anxiety. Highly recommend this great new show.

I had a stomach anxiety issue and this podcast fixed it

I listened to Ep#17 on anxiety stomach issues and after listening to this episode I literally went to the bathroom right away, breathed and felt better. I know this is a weird comment but it’s the truth and if you deal with anxiety you know what I mean. Love it

Just What I Needed

I especially like the episode about health anxiety (I think it is episode 1 or 2?). I am dealing with that issue right now as I journey through cancer treatments. Thank you for the show.

Great Help!

This podcast truly helps me to understand Anxiety and helps take the stigma away.

This show is a must listen for anyone with anxiety!

I'm so glad I found this podcast! The tips and skills they teach have been a lot of help with my panic attacks. I will be subscribing and can't wait to hear more!

Feel like I'm in good company

These guys are great. I deal with anxiety issues daily and being able to get some tools and listen to other issues is really helpful. Check these guys out as I'm sure everyone has problems they are holding inside.

Great show, important topic

Having suffered from anxiety myself, it’s nice to hear two guys tackling it from a helpful angle. Great show.


Brian and Kevin are hitting the nail on the head in these podcasts... I really got a lot from the 'sleep' episode. Keep up the good work!

Great Stuff

Great conversation, important information! Brian and Kevin tell real stories of their own firsthand experiences with anxiety AND give great knowledge and tips to help you deal with it too!!

Very Important Podcast

Anyone looking to make progress is an anxious World should listen to this podcast. The easy and conversational style will draw you in and help you take action and improve your life.