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Thank you

This podcast has helped me for the past year with my anxiety. I suffer from health anxiety and have panic attacks almost every night. After listening to these podcast, I am almost 100% anxiety free!

Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul

Gina is so soothing in her approach and tone. Her personal struggles and victories over anxiety and emotions lend incredible authenticity and validity to her coaching and solutions.

love this podcast!

Love this! What a breath of fresh air to hear a podcast devoted to healing the energy behind anxiety and panic. Every time I listen it keeps getting better and better! Thank you Gina!

Like a lifeline

Until I can get into the care of a therapist, this podcast is helping me out tremendously. I wish it were ad free, but we can't have everything for free. :) Perhaps the intros could be shorter. I'm often listening to this when I'm trying to turn around my anxiety, so that gets to be cumbersome. Those are my only criticisms. This show is great quality and Gina's voice is calming.

Thank you

It really makes a difference listening to people who have had anxiety in the past that can share their past experiences and subsequent road to recovery.

Anxiety Coaches Podcast is a life saver!

This podcast has been instrumental to my healing from anxiety. Nearly every episode addresses a topic I need to focus upon, and I've gotten so many sturdy tools to help me manage my anxiety from this podcast and from the community. If you or someone you love suffers from anxiety, do yourself a favor and subscribe!

Thank you!

This podcast has help me out many days. There's something here for anyone suffering from some type of mental health.

Great clarifying podcasts

Coach Gina is very clear in her explanations, examples, and suggestions on how to manage anxiety. Thank you for helping.

My Favorite Podcast!

If you suffer from panic/PTSD/anxiety, I promise, you won't regret taking the time to listen to this podcast. You'll learn a great deal. I love this podcast! It has helped me understand myself more and to take control where I once believed I had none.

Simply put the best podcast ever

This podcast is amazing, the tools given on this podcast have help though my anxiety recovery in more ways then I could have ever imagined. Gina is going to change the world with her knowledge ;)

Great podcast

I love this podcast. Simply put, I've tried some of your technique and I've been able to shut a panic attack down immediately. I do miss Brian sellers. Mrs. Walker has a much welcoming voice though. Keep up the good work guys.

Thank you!

Ive just recently listened to your cast on the Bach flowers and aromatherapy. Very helpful. I love your podcast , please keep putting new info out there!

Loving the new host Gina

I have listened for a few years and found this to be very helpful with great tips on reducing anxiety. We have been through some different hosts which can be anxiety ridden! However, I really enjoy Gina's gentle and supportive voice and to mention her episodes to combat anxiety with the aide of essential oils, Meditation and so on.

So helpful!

I am new to the podcast and I just love it. I struggle with different issues day to day and I always look for the right podcast for me and it helps so much.

Anxiety Coaches Podcast = Awesome!

I love this podcast. It is extremely helpful for people with anxiety.

Life saver!

This podcast is just simply amazing for anyone suffering from any type of anxiety <3

Awesome help regardless of where you are in your journey with anxiety

I really love Gina's episodes. I feel that her experience with anxiety is very similar to mine and her approach to managing anxiety is also similar. I've listened for awhile now but I never felt a strong connection to kelly, when she was on here and Kevin's stories. While I find their episodes helpful, Gina is really the star on here for me.

Feeling so much better after just one episode

I've been dealing on and off with intrusive thoughts/pure o for about a year now! I've seen a therapist, read books, etc..but this is my first time going to a podcast. To actually hear people that can relate to exactly how I'm thinking is so reassuring. Can't wait to hear more!

phenomenal help for anxiety panic PTSD

Easy to listen to, understand & learn from. Truly helpful & effective.

Gives relief to me with every listen!

This is a wonderful podcast. I feel like they truly understand what I'm going through. Very easy to listen to as well.

Helps to get you through stressful times

For those of us who sometimes worry too much, this podcast offers some great practical advice for dealing with stress. It helps to realize there are others out there who also have difficulty coping with life's many challenges. Thanks Kevin & Kelli!

Very helpful

Love listening to this podcast. Very consistent with ACT concepts, which I believe to be the best therapy available for anxiety

Just what I needed!

Kevin does an amazing job at giving both hope and practical advice. Thanks for the amazing show!!!

First time listener today

And I am so pleased that I found you!! So much helpful information, thank you!!!

Anxiety Tips

Great podcast that offers tips to anyone suffering from street and/or anxiety!

Pure gold on a tough topic

I have to say that I love the candid nature of this show.

Very Fun

This is a great show. Very Fun to listen to

Awesome show!

Provides so much great information for anybody who has troubles with anxiety! I know a lot of friends who can get a lot of out of this podcast. Will definitely be sharing with them! Great job Kevin and Kelli! Loved your show!

One of my biggest struggles

I often get worked up pretty easily, I know others out there have the same problem and I’ve struggled with it for years. But its nice to know their are others and their coping mechanisms. Thanks for the show Kevin & Kelli, I look forward to the listening to some of the older episodes along with the newer releases.