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My Saving Grace

I’ve always been an anxious person, but never expected I would suddenly be dealing with rolling panic attacks. Even with CBT and talk therapy, eating right, sleeping well and exercising every day...this podcast is saving my life. You’ve just validated everything I have been experiencing physically during panic (I did think I had heart problems and ended up in the ER last week) and reassured me that I am not alone in this, that I am not crazy and most importantly that I can clear this. Thank you Gina, you are literally saving my life.

Great show!

So much value :) have been listening for over a year and loving it 🔥

Helping me in leaps and bounds

Thank you I feel it would help me to take this further I would love to go one on one you’re podcasts are helping me soooooo much 🙏 thank you ❤️

Great podcast but wish commercials were shorter

Lengthy commercials detract from an otherwise helpful podcast.

Most helpful podcast I’ve encountered

This podcast has helped more than any other resource I’ve encountered. So thankful for the producer. Thank you thank you thank you!!

Helpful with a calming voice

During the pandemic I was struggling coping with how I was feeling since I work in a hospital on the frontlines. Gina’s voices are calming and her strategies are easy to do and to remember. Just listen to 1 podcast & you’ll want to return anytime you’re feeling off.

Relaxing & Helpful

I’m so glad I found this podcast. I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious and found this podcast to help me finish my work day. Such a soothing and relaxing voice too!


You really helped me this morning at 4:30 fall back asleep and get the rest I needed

Thank you

I am glad I stumbled upon you I have battled anxiety since I have been a child . I have had many hospital stays for it two nervous breakdowns you have a great podcast very helpful I look forward to these every week Cynthia

Such a helpful resource for anxiety!

Gina is so knowledgeable about the topic of anxiety - I love how she shares countless advice on how to tackle anxiety. I also love the calming soothing tone she sets for the pod. I’m thankful for this pod!


This podcast help me when I was struggling to understand what anxiety was .. every question I wanted to know was answered just by listening every symptom etc. this podcast saved me from Depression and fear. Thank you so much


So soothing and calming to listen to.


I love this podcast I has helped my so much I have terrible depression and anxiety and her voice is so soothing and it calms me down so much and her words are so impactful and meaningful 🖤🖤🖤

Therapy in 20 minutes

Wow! Her words are extremely impactful. It literally feels like a therapy session in twenty minutes. Truly appreciate her desire to help others live their best and mentally healthiest lives.

Thank you for this podcast.

I have been in such a heightened state of anxiety the past 2 weeks. I have had anxiety in the past, but this has been different. Unsure where to go, I found this podcast! I have listened to only 3 episodes and it has already helped me more than I could have ever imagined. Thank you thank you! ❤️

Love this!

I’ve never been one to listen to Podcasts, but after some research i found this one! Gina’s voice is so calming! It’s helped me in a lot of ways. If I begin to catch myself overthinking or reacting to anxiety I play a podcast and then take what she says. Very helpful! I’ve only been listening for about a week but I’m glad I started!

So calming

I am new to this podcast and it is awesome, maybe my favorite of all time. Her voice is soothing (like your pre-school teacher when u were a kid) and they are short in length, which gives you something to chew on without getting into a lengthy diatribe that loses the message. So listen in and enjoy.


Gina’s voice is soothing and she teallly describes anxiety as something tangible to work with. She’s helped me define and separate my anxiety and I always look forward to new episodes but I do wish the content was more varied and more targeted to nuanced things that exist with/alongside anxiety such as co morbidities, or OCD, or GAD, or BDD.


I miss you Gina!! When will a new podcast come out ??

It can help

This podcast was (and still is) a good resource for me as i try to find my way out of anxiety and panic. Thank you Gina and ACP!

Amazing Coach

I have been struggling with anxiety for more than a year. All this time I have been learning about it as much as I could. I have taken several online courses and have been working with a psychotherapist who personally recovered from an anxiety disorder. But Gina is the best! She knows so much that I always look for answers to my questions in her podcasts first. I am thinking about joying her recovery group as I believe it will speed up my recovery. Thank you, Gina! You are amazing!

Changed my Life

I've been in an anxious spiral for two weeks. I found this podcast 'on accident' but now I'm believing it found me at the perfect time. This podcast is so specific to things I've wanted to focus on and I'm thrilled. Her soothing voice and to-the-point episodes hold my attention and make me want to listen to every single episode! Please keep these up, they are definitely helping so many people. Thank you!!!

An Anxiety Lifeline

This podcast means so much to me. It’s been such a lifeline during tough anxiety times. Gina is so thoughtful with her words, genuine and positive. I’ve listened to her floating meditation countless times during flights and other anxiety filled situations. Thank you Gina for giving us such a gift.

The darkness of anxiety and grief

Thank you! I have always been the friend that makes people laugh.... until I lost my mother. Anxiety was so dark and unrelenting. I’d love to be a guest on your show and share how I win my battle every day.

Favorite anxiety podcast

This podcast has changed my life. I’ve struggled with anxiety/panic disorder and health anxiety and this is just such a great relief. Gina is great!


Thank you Gina for acknowledging the normalcy of anxiety and providing helpful insights into how to accept and deal with it. I myself struggle with anxiety and am so grateful for you and this podcast!!!! Thank you!!!

That voice!

WONDERFUL! So helpful & insightful. So well-said. And... that voice! We love you!

Very calming. Great for Anxiety and panic attacks

This is very helpful for my Anxiety. I listened to my first episode and just hearing her voice I knew this would calm me down. Keep up the good work 👍

Thank you!

This podcast is life changing! I have struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for the last 8 months, since an injury. It has been a tough journey. This is the best resource I have found:). Gina you are a blessing:). Please keep doing what you’re are helping SO many people. I am very thankful! Amanda

Life saver!

I’ve battled anxiety all my life but it became a lot more “often” and regular the last 10 years or so balancing life with kids, marriage, work, finances, etc. I would have good weeks and bad weeks but never really got to the root of the problem and didn’t have all the necessary tools to help me through my anxiety spells. My best friend who’s a family therapist recommenced this podcast and it’s changed my life! I listen to a couple episodes a day and share the podcast with everyone I come across ! It’s helped me tremendously! I can’t wait to dive deeper into the episodes and get more information about this podcast, to possibly get more involved in all it has to offer! Thank You Gina for your wisdom, advice, soothing voice and for being so relatable! I wish I could give you a hug for everything you’ve already helped me with!