400: Finding Joy Beyond Discomfort

In this episode Gina offers listeners a series of questions they can ask themselves and suggestions they can implement during their experience of the discomfort associated with anxiety and panic.

Turning to face the discomfort we are presented with during high anxiety moments can offer us the opportunity we are seeking to overcome the discomfort.

Questions to ask oneself:

What if there were more beyond that?
What if distracting was keeping us in the loop and holding us back from the joy in life?
What if chasing the desire to make the discomfort stop is actually keeping the pain and discomfort alive?
What if the joy was in going through vs giving in to distraction and running away from discomfort?
What if what we are looking for is in the opening of moving through the discomfort of what we think should be different than it is?

Suggestions to implement:

1.Slow down
2.Get to neutral and be curious about the situation (take the personalization out of it ...look at it as if you were a researcher without an agenda)
3.Remind yourself why you want to get to the other side of this situation and that it is joy that is found from going through the urge to fight flee or freeze when it is discomfort that you are dealing with not true danger.

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