Group Coaching Has 2 Options!
The Mini Membership
The Full Membership


Am I a good fit for the group?
If you are a listener of The Anxiety Coaches Podcast and have wondered about how you could take your self-healing and clearing of your anxiety to another level you are a GREAT fit!
If you have a desire to finally do what it takes to move out of anxiety/panic for life you are also a GREAT fit!

How do I access the Full members twice Monthly Calls?
Full members are invited to a call with Coach Gina twice a month on Thursdays at 7 PM ET, The calls are held on ZOOM. Members who participate online (smart phone or computer) can keep their camera off or on. Members who call in will have audio only available.
The Calls are recorded (audio only) and the recordings are sent out to FULL members later the same day.

I can’t attend the call live but have a question what do I do?
All Full Members can ask their question through the Reminder Post in the Facebook Group prior to the call time and it will be answered during the call. The recording is sent later the same day. No need to miss out!

How do I access the 100+Skill Sheets?
Every other week on Thursdays a Skill Sheet is sent to both Full and Mini Members by email. The back catalog of 100+ Skill Sheets is available in the Facebook Group in the Files Section.

How much time will all this take each week?
The beauty of the Group Coaching Membership is that YOU decide how much time to utilize the Facebook Group and the practices you set up from the guidance you receive in the group, through the Skill Sheets, and the Group Calls (Full Members). Checking into the Facebook Group to see if your question was answered or if you want to offer support or inspiration to another member is easy and can really help you have a feeling of connection with those who get it! This need not take much time at all and is a wonderful use of social media :)

How much do I have to interact in the Facebook Group?
We are all different in how much we want to interact. Many members are very active and others are in read only mode - gleaning information and wisdom from the membership without posting or commenting. It is totally up to you!

How do I connect with Coach Gina i the Group?
If you have something you want to be sure Gina sees all you have to do is “tag” her in the post or comment. She is in there daily commenting and helping and sees most posts but it’s best to add the tag to be sure!

Be Well!