375: Anxiety Medications On Off Or Taper

If you are on off or tapering from anti-anxiety medications or antidepressant medication you are in the right place to learn the lifestyle changes you can make for your well being! Diet, exercise, meditation, relaxation and getting reacquainted with your parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) again are the tools we teach here and you are welcome to join us!

When you live by accident anxiety is natural -Sadhguru

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I'm looking forward to talking to you

about medications yet again anxiety

medication and whether you are on it or

off it and what that means for you here

at the anxiety coach's podcast so it's a

personal choice whether you take

medication or not and so it isn't the

goal of this podcast to tell you which

way you should go with that we are so

individual and we are coming to this

moment in time when you are hearing this

from very different directions very

different histories and different

physical and mental challenges joys

griefs and we have to pay attention to

our own journey how we got here and what

that means for us now so let's look at

medication through that lens of us all

coming to this point in time from

different directions and different

histories a

it's a personal choice whether you take

medication or not but I do have some

comments that I'd like to make about

this and the first one is that I want

you to really be sure that you do your

research and that means talking to

trusted medical practitioners and

advisors in your life they know you they

know your history and they know your

medical history and it's very important

that you touch base with these people

that you have trusted in the past with

your physical mental and emotional

health and check it out with them they

know what may or may not work for you or

what may or may not agree with you and

now there are a lot of different

theories out there but most healthcare

providers will agree their aunt you know

psychiatrists doctors therapists

everybody coaches will agree that while

medication may not solve all of your

anxiety problems it is another choice in

the toolkit now I did not use medication

on my journey out of anxiety I also am

NOT a health care practitioner so I

cannot advise you on medication but I

want you to know that you are welcome

here one way or the other whether you

are on the medication dead set against

medication or whether you are tapering

off of medication or even if you just

have a desire to someday not need to

take medication any longer please know

that you are all welcome here and

everything that we do here you can do

whether you are on or off medication one

of the issues that comes up with people

when they are seeking coaching for their

anxiety panic is that they may be coming

off of anxiety medications whether that

be anti-anxiety medications or

antidepressants and either way it's

common for those who are being titrated

off of those medications to feel an

increase in their

xiety and panic symptoms again so I want

you to remember that again if you are

tapering off or if you are complete on

your taper and you are noticing

increased anxiety and panic symptoms

again just know that that can very well

be part of the discontinuation of your


part of the journey with anxiety panic

clearing is that we really have to dig

deep and let time take its course we

often don't have a lot of patience from

everything that we've been through all

this time with our anxiety and we kind

of want things to happen right away but

if you can hold on and keep coming back

here for the hope and for the

reassurance that others before you have

done this and that you too can continue

on this path and use these tools that we

talked about here coming off medication

if you are tapering with your physician

can be combined with all of the

practices that we talk about here at

anxiety coaches podcast and by that I

mean meditation diet exercise the

relaxation techniques we talked about

and getting reacquainted with your

parasympathetic nervous system again and

that's your rest and digest part of your

nervous system and that may be a

different story

coming off with proper medical tapering

and guidance from your physicians and

actually using what we are talking about

here it may be a totally different

experience for you then it was when you

may have come off of these drugs in the

past without having these practices that

we talked about here to help hold you

while you are settling in and finding

your calm once again sometimes I run

into the situation where a person has

been taking medication alone

and wanted to stop the medication and

they haven't been doing any of the

practices that we have been talking

about here now when they are withdrawing

from their medication it can make it

feel impossible because they not only

have their anxiety panic to deal with

but they also have the drug withdrawal

to deal with and without having learned

how to be with these uncomfortable

situations these things that we call

discomfort but not dangerous situations

until you have learned to actually be

with that kind of a feeling

it can feel impossible and very often

they go back on the medication because

it is apparent to them having not the

tools that we talked about here they

think that what they need is the

medication so I want you to be able to

weigh that a little bit more consciously

actually consider that maybe this is

more about you coming off of the drug

and trying to get comfortable with that

along with dealing with your anxiety and

panic situation it may be like a bit of

a steep hill at first and you may feel

like this is a lot all at once but I

want you to be able to hang on

because you have to sort these things

out all of a sudden you're not just

dealing with your anxiety panic you're

also dealing perhaps with medication

withdrawal symptoms

another possibility with medications is

that we find all of these different

drugs that are currently being

prescribed for both anxiety and panic

both antidepressants and anti-anxiety

medications are very effective for some

people and not for others and so again

you you are kind of doing your own

experiment science experiment with

yourself when you are used

these medications and it's very

important to keep track of how you are

feeling and how the changes have come

about from the time that you started the

medication and be able to report that

very clearly to your prescribing

physician we want to remember that

medication is at best it's a tool but it

is not in and of itself a cure this is

something that people seem to be

confused about often when they come to

seek coaching is they thought that the

medication was the cure and that was all

they were going to need and it was a big

deal for them to start the medication

they didn't do it lightly

they really considered what their

options were what the side effects were

and they decided to go ahead with it but

they also had the mistaken notion that

it was a cure and I want you to all

understand that medication is at best a

tool it is not a cure by itself and

there is no one thing that is the answer

for every single person this is where it

gets interesting because as much as we

can talk about all the wonderful things

that work for different people it may

not be the one thing that works for you

we have a toolkit we have many tools in

there and we need to use the proper tool

for the proper person for the situation

and it can change even for yourself over

time what you need to be doing as far as

what you're using there is a place where

diet needs to be addressed and there is

a place where sleep needs to be

addressed now for some people those were

not issues to begin with but for other

people those are some of the things that

need to be looked at very early on so we

want to remember that it isn't you know

this anxiety panic clearing is like a

thousand-piece puzzle and we're putting

the pieces together one by one and as

long as you can keep the hope in the


live to continue sorting these pieces

finding the ones that fit and trying

them yet again that you're really going

to begin to see this all come together

eventually I want you to always make

sure that you pay attention to if the

medications are or are not helping you

only you can judge this and I want you

to be in conversation with your

prescribing physician about this and

don't be afraid to bring it up to them

that you are feeling that you have side

effects that you're not able to handle

or that you don't want to live with and

be sure to let them know they do not

know unless you tell them many people

are still kind of afraid to talk about

certain things with their physicians and

don't want to take up the doctors time

but this is your life in your medical

condition which is what you're dealing

with if you are taking a medication and

you can be sure that you are in

conversation with them take your journal

in and discuss the points that you have

been keeping track of it will be to your

advantage to let your doctor know

exactly what's going on so they can help

you and you want to work always with

your physician to get off of your

medications this isn't something that we

can tell you to do here at anxiety

coach's podcast your therapist cannot

help you to taper off your medications

only a physician who has prescribed

these medications can help you with the

taper and the discontinuation of those

medications and we want to remember that

just the the nature of the beast

medications have side effects and so you

want to weigh and consider all of that

when you are making your decision as to

whether you want to try medication or if

you would rather continue learning how

to do this on your own or with a coach

or with your therapist and even with your


some psychiatrists do not prescribe

medications for anxiety panic and that

you may be working through it doing talk

therapy so pay attention to what it is

that you decide to do and work with your

physician from there again it's the

anxiety coach's podcast skills and tools

and lifestyle changes that are totally

recommended whether you are using any

kind of medications antidepressants or

anti-anxiety drugs or not the medication

is optional and it's something that is

in many people's toolkit like I said it

wasn't in mine but it is for many people

and so you want to remember that

medication is optional but the things

that are not optional are meditation the

relaxation practices that we talked

about here these are essential for

anxiety panic recovery and clearing you

want to be aware that you can take

medication as an option but you must

learn how to access your parasympathetic

nervous system once again as your

default it has to be the place once

again as it was many years ago or many

moons ago for people that we go there to

our parasympathetic nervous system as

our default it's the place we live out

of it's our our normal resting state and

then when we are brought to the

sympathetic nervous system the alarm

bell goes off and we have something we

need to take care of then we jump to it

we take care of business we get going

and then we come back down again and go

back into our parasympathetic nervous

system again our rest and digest then

another day goes by or an hour depending

on your life something comes up again

and you get the fight-or-flight response

again for something needs to be taken

care of you take care of business you

get safe again and then you ease right

back down and into your parasympathetic

nervous system rest and digest

once again this is the place that we are

working toward getting to all the things

that we do here at anxiety coaches

podcast is to get back into that cycle

once again learning how to access our

peace and calm learning that we can feel

a sense of danger and ramp up with our

hormones and feel that we need to fight

or flee and then we realize that we are

safe again we register safety and

everything calms back down again this is

how our body was meant to be this is

what we are built for we need both sides

of that nervous system and so it works

very nicely like a symphony there are

times when we are up and alert and on

guard and there are times which should

be most of the time that we are in our

rest and digest the place that we can

heal the place that we can recover the

place that we can enjoy our lives again

so there are some things you can do and

remember very simply remember these

things number one remember that if you

are on medication you want to learn the

skills and tools that we have here at

anxiety coaches podcast because it's

part of your puzzle pieces that you're

putting together for your life and for

your clearing of your anxiety you want

to make sure that you learn the

meditation and the relaxation response

exercises and you want to ease out of

those triggering situations and see them

differently and more clearly as we

talked about here the

is a piece but so are the skills and

tools that we discuss here number two if

you're coming off of medication if you

are tapering with your prescribing

physician you want to beat also

practicing the anxiety coach's podcast

skills and tools again if you are coming

off of these medications it may feel

like a rocky road in the beginning but

you can continue by learning and

practicing the skills that we teach here

and number three if you are considering

medication you want to look into it very

cautiously very consciously and with an

open mind and an open heart and you want

to stay calm about it you don't want to

be fearful of it and you don't want to

be fearful that it's the so afraid that

it's the only thing you can do look at

it with open eyes you may be surprised

at what you can learn and you may be

able to then make a very clear decision

for yourself again medication is not a

decision that we can help you with but

we can help you with everything else

that we are learning here and we invite

you at whatever place you are with your

medication lack of medication coming off

medications that you are welcome to

learn all of these skills and tools that

we learn here and practice them with us

I highly recommend that you get a

journal and not only keep track of how

you are doing so that you can report

back to your physician or your therapist

but that you can also see for yourself

over time where you were what you did

and how you are doing it's kind of like

picking up a piece of the puzzle and

holding it in your hand and seeing all

the different sides of it and twirling

it around where might it fit we have to

pay attention and we have to do this

calmly and we have to do this kind

ashle and going to a journal book once a

day even if you just jot down a few

notes in five minutes will be a nice

record for you to go back and look over

again it can help you with your your

journey here with the practices that we

talked about perhaps after listening to

a show you can jot down a few things

that resonated with you that I spoke

about and that you want to try for

yourself it can be a record that you can

go over with your physician or your

therapist so that you can remember what

you wanted to do and what you wanted to

discuss with them this is a way for you

to go back in a month or two months or

three months and see wow I really have

come pretty far I don't feel really

different because we don't remember

where we came from it's very hard

because these changes are very slight

and they are small but if you write down

where you were today I guarantee you if

you look back in three months you're

going to be quite surprised and how far

you have come

and you want to see the things that did

work for you and the things that maybe

didn't make any difference at all for

you so you can continue working on the

things that are really making the

changes in your life I am so happy that

we are together here and there and that

I can let you know the things that have

worked for me and the things that have

worked for the hundreds of people that I

have worked with over these years and

that have really moved the needle for

not only myself but for them and just so

you can know that this is not only

possible this is very probable if you do

the things that we talk about here that

you will be able to make the steps out

of the wormhole and then away from the

wormhole and then to forget some day

that there was a wormhole at all I

guarantee you you are going to feel

better if you keep doing the things we

talked about one foot in front of the

other just don't get discouraged

and don't be hard on yourself if it

doesn't happen overnight time is one of

the key elements here in clearing

anxiety panic that's it for today's

episode and before I read today's quote

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it from there no need to have this drag

on forever and now for today's quote

when you live by accident

anxiety is natural and that's from

sadguru I'll be back in a few more days

with another podcast until then be well

and aloha thanks so much for joining us

for today's episode of the anxiety

coaches podcast and find more

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