356: Shifting Out Of Anxiety Focused Living

In this episode, Coach Gina explores the importance of shifting out of anxiety focused living.  If you are seeing things through an attitude of gratitude lens, your experience of the world is by default much more peaceful.  Your thoughts can act as self-fulfilling prophecies, especially with expectations of anxiety (based on plans for future actions or environments).  Not everyone is aware of their expectations for anxiety and that they help precipitate anxious states.

Action steps to change the anxiety lens you are looking though:

1) Awareness: you need to be aware you are doing it and being so will remove the power from the lens

2) Relaxation: some kind of daily meditation or relaxation is a critical and very helpful first step that can change your brain and view your environment differently

3) Don't just take off the lens of anxiety: replace it with something better (gratitude, peace, happy thoughts)

I focus on perspective and gratitude. -Gary Vaynerchuk

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