Jan. 30, 2023

Bonus: The Happiness of Silence from The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos

Bonus: The Happiness of Silence from The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos

A special Bonus episode is presented to ACP listeners: The happiness of silence from The Happiness Labs with Dr. Laurie Santos.

We’re sharing a preview of another podcast we love, The Happiness Lab.

On the Happiness Lab, Yale professor and human cognition expert Dr. Laurie Santos explores all the ways we get our happiness wrong and what we can do to really feel better. She walks through the latest evidence-based strategies for improving your mental health, sharing practical advice on what will really bring more joy. In her latest New Year season of The Happiness Lab, Laurie tackles how to listen to the inner voice of what we really need in the new year. And in the preview you’re about to hear, she’s joined by Justin Zorn and Leigh Marz, authors of “Golden: The Power of Silence in a World of Noise” to discuss an important topic for listening to our inner compass: silence. You can hear the full episode, and more from The Happiness Lab at https://podcasts.pushkin.fm/thls6?sid=coaches

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