April 26, 2017

294: Anxiety and Adrenal Fatigue

294: Anxiety and Adrenal Fatigue

Learn how you get into Adrenal Fatigue and how to prevent it!

Learn how you get into Adrenal Fatigue and how to prevent it! Some tips mentioned in today's podcast include: 

  • Preventing and Healing from Adrenal FatigueSleep for at least 8 hours per night 
  • Limit your exposure to blue light 
  • Eat on a regular basis and don’t go too long without meals
  • Include healthy carbohydrates 
  • Eliminate intense exercise routines, 
  • Start a meditation program to reduce mental and emotional stress. 
  • Be patient

Listen in and give your anxious mind and body a break!

Today's Stress Relieving Quote: 

Be content to progress in slow steps until you have legs to run and wings with which to fly.

-Padre Pio

To learn more go to: What is anxiety?http://www.theanxietycoachespodcast.com/what-is-anxiety/



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