The Anxiety Coaches Podcast

So Thankful to Have Found this Podcast

One anxiety-ridden evening, I was looking through the podcast list in an attempt to distract myself and came across this one. After listening to one episode, I felt that these two knew exactly how I was feeling. They were able to describe what makes anxiety and panic so frustrating, and have offered a ray of hope in what can be a very draining disorder.

In fact, the episode where they talk about not taking medications and what happened to Kevin after taking a small dose of Xanax in preparation for flying… EXACT same thing happened to me! Now I know that my brain is hyper vigilant, and that any change is a trigger for panic.

To be able to listen to these rational podcasts in moments of great anxiety is such a help. It’s heartening to know that you’re not alone, that others suffer similarly, and that there is hope to overcome and manage anxiety and panic.

Thanks to Brian and Kevin for putting themselves out there.

Oct. 8, 2014 by Megami76 on Apple Podcasts

The Anxiety Coaches Podcast