Using Gratitude to Heal Anxiety

You have heard it many times that gratitude or a thankful heart is good for the mind and the body. Sometimes we hear these things so often we just automatically think we are doing gratitude or being thankful so it is a good idea to stop and consider what our gratitude aptitude is and to add a bit more if we are lacking! Goodness for mind body and spirit!

In order to be with and actually celebrate the present moment, we need, to be honest, and aware of our thoughts feelings and emotions. When we do this we begin to include the isness of life the ups and the downs the joys and the pains equally. This is what Robert A. Emmons calls building our psychological immune system. And it leads to a more fulfilling and joyful life.

Ways to bring gratitude and joy into your daily life:

1 My personal favorite....keep a Gratitude Journal. Really :) try it by writing 5 things each day that you are thankful or grateful for. Dig deep into the day to see the things that brought you joy, a smile or a moment of peace. The act of thinking of these moments is good medicine for the anxious heart.

2 Be with others on the path...join on and offline groups and events that celebrate gratitude such as A Network For Grateful Living. Post in the Facebook Group your Gratitudes and let us all have a moment we can share with you in joy! No need to wait for holidays to express’s good for both the giver and the receiver all year round.

3 Get changing your environment and being aware of your surroundings you will begin to notice the big and the small. Use all your senses as you walk or jog, ride, roll or ski through city and countryside. One of the best ways to ensure you are using your senses is by putting your screens away for your outing. Keep them turned off or out of reach and be with what is right in front of you just for your outing time. Don’t underestimate the power of nature. A walk along a stream or a hike through a forest can do for the mind body and soul what no man can put in a pill. Give it a try and let mother nature be a part of your family.


026: Using Gratitude to Heal Anxiety

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