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food/diet and Body-image stress and Anxiety

While anxiety is anxiety, food/diet and body image anxiety have some extra challenges (such as needing to eat daily!)

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Here are a few food related podcasts

Basic Nutrition for Anxiety 

Mindfulness to Curb Food Anxiety  

The Brain In Your Gut and Anxiety

Resources to help you on your journey to peace with your food and body

Anita Johnston's Eating In The Light Of The Moon is a new way to approach the self and our relationship with it. If you have ever struggled with the relationship with your food and or your body this book is a must read! Having worked with Anita Johnston's program and being with her as she shares these stories I can tell you they have a profound affect on those who let them sink in and do their work on the psyche. This book will surprise you with its form as you begin the journey into the realm of myth, metaphor and storytelling as it is a holistic way of entering the mind for contemplation and change. 

You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anyone.
— Maya Angelou