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411: Releasing repressed Emotions for TMS and Anxiety

In this episode, Gina answers a listener question regarding repressed emotions and anxiety thought to be related to TMS (The Mindbody Syndrome).  Gina discusses the work of Dr. Sarno and advises listeners how to go about releasing pain, anxiety and potentially any number of other symptoms that are caused by TMS.

Link to Dr Sarno's book: Healing Back Pain

Link to Steve Ozanich show: 266

Link to episode listener referenced 396

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What is anxiety?

There's nothing like a little physical pain to keep your mind off your emotional problems.
― John E. Sarno

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396: Physical Pain Discomfort and Anxiety

In this episode, Gina answers a listener question about persistent pain that exists despite medical reports indicating no physiological problems.  Gina delves into the work of the late Dr. Sarno and former guest Steve Ozanich concerning The Mind-body Syndrome (also known as TMS), a frequent cause of otherwise unexplainable pain in the body. Listen in as Gina strives to help shed light on how anxiety relating to past trauma or emotional disturbance can cause pain in the body and how to heal and improve the situation.



Links from today's episode:

Steve Ozanich TMS Episode 266

All The Rage Saved By Sarno Documentary

Dr. Sarno Books:

Healing Back Pain

The Divided Mind


Quote:  The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you. Don't go back to sleep. -Rumi

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What is anxiety?


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341: Somatic Disorders TMS and Anxiety

How is it that our mind can cause so much pain and anxiety? Today we look at somatic disorders and TMS (The Mind-body Syndrome).

The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.-Carl Rogers

Resources Mentioned: Dr. John Sarno's The Divided Mind

From Amazon:

From Audible:
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317: Anxiety and Pain as a Doorway Into Mindfulness

The mind and the body both offering a way into mindfulness. Learn how to use what is happening in the moment as your way to end struggle and suffering.

Episode Quote:  
Change the story and you change perception, change perception and you change the world.  -Jean Houston

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296: Heal Your Pain Now With Dr Joe Tatta

Gina welcomes Dr. Joe Tatta to the show today he specializes in treating persistent pain and is the author of Heal Your Pain Now. Join in as they discuss:

  • What exactly is pain and why it's not what we think
  • The connection between stress and pain
  • How we can leverage the healing power of our mind and body to heal pain

Listen in and learn how to heal your pain now!

Resources Mentioned in today's episode:

Dr Joe Tatta's Book: Heal Your Pain Now: A Revolutionary Program to reset Your Brain and Body for a Pain-Free Life. 


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290: Discomfort Is Not To Be Feared

Discomfort is a part of life but feeding it with fear of the discomfort keeps us in an endless loop of pain and uncertainty! Listen in and find your way out of the loop.

Links Mentioned in the Episode: 

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