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383: Reducing Stress With Joyful Productivity an Interview With George Kao

Gina has an inspiring conversation with her coach George Kao! Listen in and learn how to keep your to-do list from running your life keeping you in a state of rushing, lack of self-care, and stress! George shares his wisdom on balance and joy without guilt and joyful productivity.
Follow along and learn his system of capture, categorize, and calendar your ideas and to-dos to eliminate a lot of your stress! 

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313: The Struggle Is The Joy with Jaimal Yogis

Today Gina has a conversation with author Jaimal Yogis who shares his insights on surfing, life, anxiety, and joy. Learn how you too can find joy in the struggle! 

Find Our Guest Jaimal Yogis here:

His books include
Saltwater Buddha and All Our Waves Are Water: stumbling toward enlightenment and the perfect ride, is being released by Harper Wave 


To learn more go to: What is anxiety?


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