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315: 7 Characteristics of Doing vs Being

Automatic pilot, analyzing, striving, avoidance and more are considered in the ways that they may take us away from our calm and centered beingness. Join in for more doing vs being! 

Episode Quote:  
Prayers are tools not for doing or getting but for being and becoming. -Eugene H, Peterson


To learn more go to: What is anxiety?


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297: Everyday Moments As A Doorway To Peace And Calm

Shining the light of awareness on everyday moments can be a shift in how we see what is right in front of us. Today Gina finds a few ways to do just that by

  • Checking in for physical tension
  • Discovering Being vs Doing
  • Seeing the unconscious need to be somewhere other than where we are

Listen in and open your own door to peace and calm.


To learn more go to: What is anxiety?

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157: Responding vs Reacting When Anxiety Strikes

Today's episode Coach Gina takes an interesting look at what anxiety is telling us to do. Borrowing from DBT skills Gina shows us how anxiety's commands of leave now, lash out now, stop driving now can all be fodder for the "doing the opposite" practice. 

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