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470: 4 Journal Prompts for Intrusive Thoughts and Anxiety

In today's episode, Gina reviews the many benefits of journaling and provides listeners with four journal prompts that are specifically tailored for intrusive thoughts and anxiety.  The prompts help listeners to review their thinking and reclaim the power they have to accept thoughts or dismiss them as unhelpful.  Listen in to take advantage of this powerful tool that can help you reduce and eliminate your anxiety!

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What is anxiety?


Life is simple. It’s what we believe about life that complicates it. —Byron Katie

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302: 3 Steps To Help Deal With Intrusive Thoughts

Eliminate the ongoing frustration and fear of intrusive thoughts. Three proactive tips to keep you free from perpetuating intrusive thinking and getting free of them for life. 
Learn how to:

  • Contain the scary thoughts produced by intrusive thinking
  • Accept the symptoms of overstimulation
  • Get mindful in the flow of the intrusive thoughts

To learn more go to: What is anxiety?


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