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483: The Highly Sensitive Person and Anxiety

In today's episode, Gina discusses a topic that has come up in the ACP group coaching membership program recently, the idea of the highly sensitive person.  Gina goes through a long list of signs that you may indeed be a highly sensitive person (very common among anxiety sufferers), and offers some suggestions for soothing yourself and improving your overall experience.

Link to the Highly Sensitive Refuge and the 21 signs of an HSP

Link to Elaine Aron's book The Highly Sensitive Person

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Sensitive people like a slower pace of life. We like pondering all our options before making a decision and regularly reflecting on our experiences. We hate busy schedules and rushing from one event to the next. —Jenn Granneman

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410: Grief and Anxiety Listener Q and A Speakpipe

In today's episode, Gina responds to a listener question regarding grief and anxiety.  Gina offers strategies for coping with the generally disturbing combination of grief and anxiety, particularly in the case of losing someone close to you.  Gina underlines the particular emotions that are exhibited when experiencing grief as well as techniques that can be used to enhance and maintain support and self-care.

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Grief and gratitude are kindred souls, each pointing to the beauty of what is transient and given to us by grace.

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406: Feeling Less Anxious With Change

In this episode, Gina talks about how to deal with an unavoidable part of our existence in the world:  change.  Many people suffer from increased anxiety relating to the uncertainty they experience when facing major changes in their lives.  Listen in for suggestions on how to minimize your fear of change and maximize your ability to cope and thrive when major changes approach you in your life.

How to use your mindful awareness during those inevitable moments of change so you can feel less anxious:

1) Ride the waves of change
Change arises naturally — but it can generate discomfort and overwhelm in the process. When we acknowledge that strong emotions are present, we have a better chance of navigating what life throws our way.

2) Bring up your resilience
When adjusting to new circumstances, it’s easy to become frustrated with ourselves. Let go of feelings of disappointment or anxiety with a gentle shift. Be kind to yourself: Remember, you are not the only person who is adapting to something new. With this resilience, we can learn, grow, and recover a sense of well-being during a time of change. One way to have a reminder of your personal resilience is to star in your journal when you have been through a challenge and found yourself on the other side intact and even better off than before

3) Soothe anxiety around uncertainty
Most of us have a list of identities we associate with — be it a job title, a family role, or a citizenship. When these things change, we often feel we are losing the characteristics that define us. Rather than getting caught in a fixed idea of who we ought to be (or used to be) be willing to have room for something new...something more. See the uncertainty as part of life that we all encounter and that it is not personal.

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Welcome the present moment as if you had invited it. Why? Because it is all we ever have.


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367: 5 Easy Ways To Calm Your Anxious Mind

Sometimes we get surprised by a surge of stress or anxiety today's episode suggests 5 simple ways to reignite your parasympathetic nervous system for peace and calm!

Mentioned in today's episode:
Rick Hanson
was our guest on episode 176 and my favorite book of his is  Buddha's Brain so I highly recommend you give it a try if you are interested in neuroscience meets mindfulness! 

Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts. Whenever your mind becomes scattered, use your breath as the means to take hold of your mind again.
-Thich Nhat Hanh

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346: 5 Tips To Calm Anger And Anxiety

Which came first the anger or the anxiety? Calm them both with these 5 tips.

5 tips for how to handle calming down anger and anxiety:

1) Accept reality

2) Allow others to be who they are and don't try to force them to be who you think they should be

3) Don't let your happiness depend on other people and situations that you cannot control

4) Put on the brakes (count slow breaths, or take a timeout)

5) Change your inner dialog: what are you saying to yourself? Stay positive!

Anger and fear are often expressed in our attempts to control something.
-Thom Rutledge

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287: 3-2-1 Mini Check In For Anxiety Panic

Looking for a touchstone, a simple reminder to check-in and gain more peace :) Today's 3-2-1 Mini Check-In is just for you! Gina gives 3 simple and easy to do ways to open or close your day adding to more calm and happiness.

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256: Helpful Coping Statements for Anxiety

We can all use some help during life's challenges. Gina talks about the importance of having easy helpful coping statements ready for any distressing moment. Commit these to memory for strength and courage!


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