192: The Harmony Exercise And Anxiety With John Denney

In today's very special episode Coach Gina interviews the creator of The Harmony Exercise , John Denney and how this unique exercise will help alleviate anxiety-panic.
For more information on the September 1st release of The Harmony Exercise visit: TheHarmonyExercise.com Learn more today on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The-Harmony-Exercise-1529529460685079/

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Gina Ryan is an Anxiety Coach and Nutritionist who  struggled with general anxiety, panic and agoraphobia for over 20 years. On her own, prior to the internet, she was able to climb out of her anxiety to peace and well-being by trial and error.

Using her professional knowledge of nutrition and personal understanding of prayer and meditation she was able to string together one anxiety free day after another until she couldn’t even remember her last panic attack. With new-found energy and relief from clearing her anxiety she was able to handle major life challenges with much more ease -eventually moving 6,000 miles away to Hawaii over 10 years ago.

On Maui Gina worked as the nutritionist for an Eating Disorder Intensive Outpatient Center for 8 years using her knowledge and wisdom of the mind-body and spirit to help clients clear their food related anxiety, obsessions and compulsions. Gina currently works as an Anxiety Coach and also teaches Mindful Eating and Nutrition to clients around the world. She considers her work her calling and is fully immersed in living a healthy, mindful and compassionate life. Living on an island Gina lives a quiet life and enjoys traveling to visit family on other islands and on the mainland -something that is fun and joyful now that she is panic free.


Rachel Coleman is a anxiety coach with a history of anxiety, PTSD, and agoraphobia. Rachel suffered for years with anxiety before utilizing tools such as meditation, deep breathing, and using tips from the readings of the Claire Weekes.  Rachel went from being afraid to leave her couch to overcoming the fear to go on to complete school and work a high stressed fast paced job thanks to techniques learned. Rachel  has a Bachelor Degree in Psychology from Western Kentucky University with a minor in criminology and sociology. Rachel has 5 years of experience in the Social Work field helping individuals and families reach their greatest potential through encouragement and case management giving those in need of tools for success the ability to overcome great hurdles in their lives. As a person who suffered for years in the fear circle of anxiety Rachel is excited to be able to help anxiety sufferers to be given to tools, encouragement, and understanding to overcome anxiety and live a life without constant fear.


Shawn Kennedy In his own words: Through a process of transformation, education and self-education I achieved (general) independence from these symptoms of anxiety and panic.  The process through which I transformed my consciousness and my life was one of raising details of self-knowledge into my awareness in such a way that I understood the root cause of my suffering to be myself.  In a way, my excessive suffering was my own doing.  As I rolled back the various layers of my self (psycho-spiritual and physical), I learned that I did not need to suffer in the ways that I had been for such a long time.  The acute moments of our anxiety-panic can be excruciating, and it is important not to minimize the relevance of this pain, nor is it often useful to simply tell ourselves that we ourselves are causing this horrifying experience to unfold in us this way and that, as such, we should be able to turn it off at will.  Anxiety-panic is very rarely so easy to wish away like that. 

There are many tools available to improve the situation, and I had to rebuild myself entirely.  From diet (food selection and preparation) to media exposure (what TV, movies and books I choose to receive) to friends and family I choose to interact with, to the very thoughts and wishes I held in my heart and mind.  Nearly everything changed.  As things changed, immense psychic pressure was released from my conscientious experience. 

We need to be gentle with our selves, we need to create the space in which we are able to love ourselves.  With toxic foods in our diet, toxic media and toxic relationships in our lives, we often lose the space necessary to experience self-love and thrive.  This is largely the goal of my coaching-healing process:  to help create the space within my clients to enable self-love, self-inquiry and ultimately, whether with me or in life beyond our coaching relationship, self-mastery. 

I have completed a BA in psychology as well as graduate coursework in philosophy.  I also have experience as a crisis counselor.  With these experiences and insights outlined, I endeavor to help my clients thrive, above and beyond the shackles of anxiety-panic, in the wonderful world of transformative self-care.  Be peaceful.



Remember that this information is for self-help and is not intended to be used as or in place of medical advice. Be sure to consult your health care practitioner for individual help. Also, information given are those of the individual guests and hosts and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the Anxiety Coaches Podcast, the hosts, or sponsors.