Cultivating Sacred moments To Ease Anxiety


Sacred Moments

Possess spiritual qualities such as:


  • gratefulness

  • feeling of connection with and support from the transcendent

  • sweet-sadness

  • awe

  • compassion

  • a deep sense of inner peace


and they are imbued with qualities such as:


  • precious

  • dear

  • blessed

  • cherished

  • holy


To cultivate these kinds of sacred moments that bring the spiritual piece back into our mind, body spirit triad of self for healing we want to remember:


  • sacred moments are simply day-to-day personal moments that are imbued with sacred qualities --qualities we easily and often overlooked as being important-- which seem like time-outs from daily busy-ness.

  • a sense of stillness may arises where concerns of the every day just seem to evaporate.

  • we need to steep the moment with these sacred qualities ourselves.


Adding such sacredness to our daily grind changes everything. I trust if you give the spiritual piece of your mind,body,spirit existence a little sprinkle of sacredness and a generous helping of time you will be in awe of your healing journey.