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Attachment and Anxiety

Attachment here is not the attachment to existing with say mother and child which is a normal psychological process of bonding but rather the attachment that leads to our difficulties in life as adults. The attachment from holding on tightly to things in life including relationships, things, experiences and our thoughts.  Attachment then becomes the flip side of acceptance of what is. When we are worried about the future or fretfully desire to be in control we are attached when we are judgmental and frustrated with the actions or behaviors of others we are attached. We can even be attached to not wanting to be attached! Oh, this mind we have! What to do ...what is the way out? 
The following are practices or exercises to help ease the tight hold of attachment. They are not hard but they do take practice :) 
1. Meditation -being present and watching the mind  

2. Contemplating impermanence -knowing that everything in life for everyone will change or be lost  

3. Gratitude -appreciation for what is right here right now

4. Compassion -for self and others in the same situation this helps you see the story the mind is involved in vs what is happening right now
These four practices can make the daily awareness of our attachments a time of growth and a release of the constricted feelings attachment brings. With anxiety, we can usually trace it back to attachment of some sort. Follow your anxious moments this week and see what attachment they may be tangled up with. 

Be Well and Aloha!