An End to Anxiety: A Four-Week Course for a More Relaxed Life


Coach Kelli and Dr. Amy Johnson are doing a 4-week live course to help you end anxiety!

It is a small class so it will fill up soon, but don't worry because we've got the hook up for our listeners with a 5% discount on enrollment! - I know, pretty cool, but we know the instructors.


Here are the details on the class:

An End to Anxiety

Join Kelli Walker and Amy Johnson for an exploration into how to end anxiety and lead a more relaxed and resilient life.

We have both suffered from—and completely overcome—significant periods of extreme anxiety. We are excited to share what we now understand about anxiety with you.

When you understand the nature of anxiety and the role you innocently and unknowingly play in it, you can transcend it. Anxiety is often called “fear of fear”. The anxiety cycle is kept alive by some innocent misunderstandings. This course will clear up those misunderstandings.

The course is ideal for people experiencing any level of stress or anxiety. Whether you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by life or experiencing full-blown panic attacks, the ideas we cover will help you see the true nature of anxiety so that it no longer runs your life.


The Course

We will meet by phone for one hour per week for four weeks. Kelli and Amy will lead a discussion aimed to help you see anxiety in a new way.

The class size will be kept small to ensure personal attention. There will be time in each class for coaching, and the entire fourth class will be devoted to coaching and Q&A.

There will also be a totally private Facebook forum for group members only so that you can ask questions and receive support between calls.

The calls will be recorded in case you can’t make it live, and the recordings will only be shared with group members.

Here’s a summary of each class:

Class 1:

  • What the anxiety experience looks and feels like
  • Anxiety is not your default setting; it is a natural, temporary state that all humans are wired to experience from time to time
  • If you feel like your anxiety diagnosis or label defines you, don’t worry, it doesn’t

Class 2:

  • What is physically and spiritually happening when we experience anxiety?
  • What perpetuates anxiety?
  • The nature of our thinking and its impact on how we experience the world
  • How do we differentiate between our anxious self and our true self?

Class 3:

  • Anxiety is fundamentally no different than any other emotion
  • Focusing on mental health and wellness rather than mental disease
  • Insights and perspectives that are helpful in ending anxiety; action vs. mastering inaction
  • Specific issues in anxiety

Class 4:

  • Q & A and coaching for you! Our classes are small so you will have more than enough time and attention to get your personal questions answered.

The Details


The group calls will take place on 4 consecutive Tuesdays (the Wednesday class is now SOLD OUT)—April 14, 21, 28, and May 5th at 12pm Eastern, 9am Pacific.  All calls are 60 minutes long.

The cost of the 4 group calls and the private forum is $177 with a 5% discount from The Anxiety Coaches Podcast. That’s $168.

You can register using the PayPal link below. We are purposely keeping this group small, so please sign up soon in order to reserve your spot.

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to either Kelli or Amy anytime.

We are very excited to share this information with you and to help you transcend anxiety forever. It is very possible—we have both done it—and you definitely can too.