Through the AnxietyCard project, you can anonymously contribute to something bigger than yourself…to helping people everywhere understand they are not alone…to breaking down the stigma of anxiety.


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anxietycard front side1
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Feeling trapped by anxiety?

- Get back into the world by helping others and sharing your story! This is your chance to give back, to contribute, to break free from your anxiety and help others do the same!

So often we are told to hide it or keep it secret, but that never helped anyone! We say it is time to "play the anxiety card" - not because we are lazy, or want to avoid our fears, but to help others!

Your story could really be anything about your anxiety that is interesting...maybe something you don't normally tell people or used to be afraid to talk about, or even something you used to think (or still do) happens only to you.

"When I started having panic attacks it was so bad that i quit my job, was afraid to go out to dinner, and wouldn't even go out to a movie (used to be my favorite thing to do!) I have always been super outgoing and loved to be around people and always have something going on. I was the guy who could not stand to be alone with nothing going on, but PTSD and panic attacks changed that. Sometimes it feels like anxiety took over my personality and my life."

"I was a personal trainer who couldn't work out because of my panic attacks...telling other people they needed to do what I couldn't do...a fraud."

The process is simple, but the benefits may be huge!

We would love for you to anonymously contribute your anxiety story to a group art project. You may tell the story of how your anxiety started, what triggered it, a major impact it has had on your life, or anything else you think is important.


When it comes to anxiety relief, one of the most important factors is validation...knowing you are NOT ALONE. If we all share our stories we can reach some of the millions of people out there that are suffering in silence and too ashamed of what they are going through. They deserve to know that they're not weird, they're not crazy, they in fact are going through things many of use have gone through. Let's all stand together to fight the stigma of anxiety disorders!


Simply fill out the form on this page or send us a postcard with your story on it. That's it. Completely anonymous, very simple, and very powerful!