If you need a little more than the help you get while listening to the podcast and in our free support group (on Facebook), our one-on-one Anxiety Coaching may be a great fit for you!

If you've been listening to the show you probably already have an idea of how coaching may help you and that this has been how WE overcame our own struggles with anxiety, panic attacks, and PTSD. Having someone with personal experience as well as education that can help you through this process is very valuable!

If you think about it, all of the top athletes in the world have coaches and instructors that work with them to get the most out of their training and practice...that is because a coach is someone who can provide motivation, hold you accountable, and teach you skills and techniques that will maximize your results!

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What is Anxiety Coaching?

Coaching is not therapy or medical treatment.

Coaching is about teaching you anti-anxiety skills, providing support and accountability, and helping with motivation. In fact these methods work well on their own WITHOUT medication or in combination WITH medication.

Many of our clients work with one of our coaches while also doing therapy, and yet many simply find the coaching to be enough.

As your coach we will help you learn the science behind how anxiety works, understand how you can calm your body and mind, and break the anxiety cycle! Our coaches strive to help you find anxiety relief that will last for life...to do this we use techniques from many other methods, programs, and types of therapy in combination.

Your coach is a part of your team...you will work together to achieve your goals.

Also, our coaches remain open to NEW ideas, treatment, and research that may come up...we do not believe that there is only one precise template that will work for everyone, this is why it is important to have help weeding through the many different methods to find that combination that works for you individually!

If you're struggling with anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD or lots of stress in your life then we can help you get back to being free of your anxiety.

For more information on Anxiety Coaching, email us here:  anxietycoachespodcast@gmail.com

Disclaimer: Coaching is not therapy or a medical treatment. We are not diagnosing or treating any medical or psychological condition. The Anxiety Coaches, LLC is not licensed by any state agency as a medical practitioner. We offer coaching, peer support, education, and motivation around how to understand anxiety disorders, panic, and PTSD as well as how to manage stress and stress reduction while teaching skills to help you achieve this.